What Incense Smoke Patterns Mean

Reading incense smoke patterns, called libanomancy or capnomancy, is an artform and requires amble preparation beforehand. You’ll want to be sure you store your incense correctly and do not use low-quality or damaged incense when you plan to use incense smoke for divination purposes.

What Is Libanomancy?

Libanomancy, also called capnomancy, is the use of smoke for divination. This is often used with incense but may also be used with pieces of wood, wood sticks, or candles. Libanomancy has even been practiced with the smoke plumes coming from chimneys.

How to Understand Incense Smoke Patterns

When you prepare to use incense smoke patterns for divinations, you should begin by determining a clear question you want to inquire about. You should also be sure you are in a room without any wind or drafts as this can affect the smoke patterns externally and obscure your reading.

Incense Smoke Pattern Meanings

Because libanomancy has been practiced over many decades, there are various reasons given for the ways in which smoke behaves. These are the clearest answers we could uncover for each smoke pattern:

  • Smoke Moves to Right – You’ll be successful when facing challenges without intervention.
  • Smoke Moves to Left – You’ll be unsuccessful against challenges, with or without intervention.
  • Spiral Incense Smoke Meaning – If your incense smoke is making circles
  • Smoke Splits in Two – Loss of healthy mental state.
  • Smoke Goes Straight Up (Thin Plume) – If the smoke from your incense is thin and goes straight up, this is thought to be a good sign. This is also potentially a sign that the energy around you is impure. (Quite a contradiction there.)
  • Smoke Goes Straight Up (Thick Plume) – If the smoke from your incense is thick and goes straight up, this is a bad sign.
  • Smoke Touches the Ground – This is a sign that you should take action immediately.

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