4 Best Pendulum Boards for Beginners

Pendulum boards are a great compliment to using your crystal pendulum for guidance. Whereas freehanding your pendulum leaves the answers up to interpretation, pendulum boards tend to give more direct answers to the question you’re asking. Whether you have a stressful event coming up or you’re looking for guidance on a difficult topic, there is a pendulum board for you.

Check out these 4 best wooden, cloth, and unique pendulum boards that are perfect for beginners and experienced witches alike.

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1. Moon Phase Pendulum Board

Best Beginner Option

The Moon Phase Pendulum Board is perfect for beginners. It’s a relatively small board, only around four inches in length. It comes with a black obsidian pendulum as well as a carrying bag.

You’ll find direct answers like yes and no, moon phases, and individual letters on the board itself. Thanks to its relatively small size, you can take this pendulum board with you. The board itself is made of wood, which tends to hold up well.

2. Star Pendulum Board

Best Overall Option

For those that want something bigger with a more elaborate board, the Star Pendulum Board is the option for you. Beginners might find this board overwhelming because it often requires very specific questions and answers. You’ll find the days of the week, zodiac signs, letters, months, direct answers, numbers, and the alphabet.

This board comes with chakra stones, a crystal pendulum, a 9.8-inch pendulum board, and a velvet bag. The reviews of this product are positive, but since it’s wood, it may become warped if handled improperly during the delivery process. Users have stated that it holds up well to staining.

3. Black Cat Pendulum Board

Best Travel-Size Option

Another small board at only 3.9 inches, the Black Cat Pendulum board is the best option for traveling. The wood is slightly sturdier than the Moon Phase Board. While it’s perfect for traveling, you’ll find it also offers a lovely art piece to put up around the house when it’s not in use.

The board itself offers yes and no and zodiac signs. People have noted that the pendulum crystal itself isn’t high quality. We recommend buying your own regardless of whether they come with the package or not.

Update: The Black Cat Pendulum Board is no longer available. We recommend the Hicarer Acrylic Pendulum Board as a possible alternative. Please note that while still small, it is a bit larger than the Black Cat Pendulum Board.

Some pendulums that we recommend include:

4. Altar Cloth by Wonderworld

Best Cloth Option

Not everyone wants a flat board to use with their pendulum. That’s where products like the Altar Cloth by Wonderworld come into play. Some people believe that even the tiniest bit of differentiation in the cloth is a sign from the spirits.

This cloth doesn’t come with anything else, but it is high quality. The Altar Cloth is overwhelming for some users, as it contains a lot of information on them. You might want to pick up one of the books from the next section to help you out.

Additional Tools to Get You Started With Pendulum Boards

These books below will help you get started with your new pendulum boards. They cover everything from divination to balancing chakras.

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