Spell Candles: 17 Options in Every Shape, Size, and Color

Spell candles are available in all sizes, colors, and shapes. You’ll find different brands offering their consecrated, dressed, or bare candles at metaphysical shops, on the search results of Etsy, and along the virtual shelves of Amazon. Over time, as you hone your candle magic skills and delve further into the craft, you’ll likely develop a proclivity for specific spell candle brands—which brands those happen to be will likely depend upon your personal experiences.

We’re not here to tell you which candle maker you’ll love best but we do want to highlight some of the most popular and highly recommended. If you’re familiar with spell candles at all you’ll definitely recognize a few names on this list.

We considered burn time, scent quality, even burning, variety, and dressings when selecting these top spell candle brands. A spell candle must be made with care and intention, especially if it comes pre-dressed. Value is also important because let’s be real, if you’re doing candle magic on the weekly, it becomes a pretty pricey practice when you’re looking at high-end candles. Sometimes investing in the bulk pack of chime candles is the right move.

Ahead, browse the best in spell candles in every shape, size, and color organized by brand.

Our team tests, researches, and carefully curates all our recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive commission on purchases made from our links at no additional cost to you.

Tip: There are particular contradicting beliefs around candle magic. Some say to never blow out a candle as it will blow away the good intentions. Others disagree and believe pinching a candle out is not the correct way to go about candle spellwork. It really comes down to what you feel is right. We recommend using a candle snuffer if you want to avoid blowing out your spell candles.

1. Art of the Root

Best Overall

Art of the Root has to be my favorite spell candlemaker. They offer a wide array of products including conjure candles, affirmation candles, hoodoo candles, pagan candles, and Wiccan candles. Basically, you can get everything you need right in their shop and purchase oils and self-care items while you’re at it.

The big draw with Art of the Root is the sheer variety of candles they offer. They’ve really covered their bases with candles for everything from success to your heart chakra and purification to letting go.

You can shop their website or their Amazon store depending on your buying preferences.

Most of their candles are available as 8oz in a glass jar but you can also find pillar versions of many of their candles. They also package their candles in spell kits which I find particularly useful. The spell kits generally include salts, oil, a candle, and sometimes a crystal or two.

The candles from Art of the Root are natural soy and are dressed with herbs and oils.

2. Wicca Wicks

Best Bulk Spell Candles

Wicca Wicks is a small, family-owned candle company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They put an emphasis on giving back to the environment and using sustainable materials for responsibly sourced wax, which makes us love this brand that much more.

Wicca Wicks makes it this far up the list because they offer solid, bulk spell candles. It’s nice to buy a pre-dressed candle here and there but if you practice candle magic regularly then you’ll want a source of spell candles in bulk.

Wicca Wicks offers a 48-pack of unscented 4-inch tall candles. The pack includes three each of black, white, red, purple, blue, orange, green, grey, brown, yellow, pink, and gold candles. Plus, with each purchase, a percentage will go toward the National Forest Foundation (at the time of writing).

If you don’t want every spell candle color known to mankind then you can buy bulk boxes of single-color candles as well.

3. Ladyrobyn

Best Budget

Ladyrobyn is the place to go for candles at affordable rates. Their unscented spell candles come in sets of 40, 80, or 100 and include dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, white, and black. The candles have a burn time of approximately one and a half hours and are made from paraffin wax with cotton wicks.

4. The Eclectic Mystic

Best Gift

The Eclectic Mystic on Etsy has some of the most gorgeous candles I’ve seen. Their candles are hand-poured using natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils. Most of the candles in the shop are 140z and each comes with add-ins like a witch’s broom, reusable medallions, and crystals.

The line of intention candles gives a truly luxurious experience and is perfect for gifting. The intention candle line currently includes candles like soul healing, third eye awakening, and self-love. These candles should definitely be burned with caution and the recommendation seems to be to remove all the dressing from the candle prior to burning.

5. Haus of Hoodoo

Best Splurge

Haus of Hoodoo has a line of candles for everything from success to road opening and protection to healing. Their main candle offering is fixed candles which are candles made for one specific purpose. This is a term used in Hoodoo for dressed or anointed candles.

Haus of Hoodoo is actually a shop you can visit in New Orleans if you’re ever in the city.

6. Wish Candle

Best Consecrated Candles

Wish Candle has all its candles consecrated by monks within rituals using offerings and prayer recitation. The candles are made from paraffin, palm wax, and farm beeswax which is personally selected by Wish Candle. This candle company offers cables in black, gray, green, red, light blue, orange, purple, red, and white

7. Madame Phoenix’s

Best Shaped Candles

Madame Phoenix is the shop you want to stop by (virtually) for all your shaped candle needs. The selection includes everything from an anatomical heart evil eye candle to the earth goddess altar candle. Many of the candles are available in multiple colors to allow you to get the exact candle suited to your needs.

Turns out that shaped candles are only part of the awe-inspiring goods Madame Phoenix has on sale in their Etsy shop. You can get all your spell candles, soaps, salves, and incense in one go at this online shop.

8. Crystal Journey Candles

Best Pillar

Crystal Journey Candles are one of the more popular options in our area, in fact it’s one of three main brands at our local metaphysical shops. Crystal Journey has lovely pillar candles in all the colors you’ll need, including light and dark blue which aren’t always the easiest to track down.

Each candle has an intention written on the wrapper that you can use during your candle magic ritual if you choose.

These pillar candles are scented and stand at 7-inches tall.

9. Tamed Wild

Best Goddess Candles

Tamed Wild has beautiful goddess candles, unlike anything I’ve been able to track down from other retailers. The line includes the following goddess candles:

  • Lilith
  • Atargatis
  • Freya
  • Gaia
  • Flora
  • Selene
  • Hecate

We love that these candles don’t come dressed but include a dressing kit specifically designed for that candle.

Beyond their line of goddess candles, Tamed Wild also sells spell, chime, floating and ritual candles.

10. Blessed Herbal Candles

Best Fragrance

Blessed Herbal Candles are another brand I come across pretty frequently when out shopping in person for my witchy goods. Each candle is wrapped with a covering that includes a blessing and message to use during your ritual if you choose.

The pillar candles from this brand offer a 40-hour burn time.

11. Govinda

Best Chime Candles

If you’re in the market for some simple chime candles then Govinda has your back. You can purchase solid color packs of 20 or 40-packs of assorted colors. Their multi-color set provinces 10 different colors and 4 candles in each color.

These candles burn well, however, the color isn’t as vibrant as some other higher-quality brands. But, they get the job done, and sometimes that’s all you need.

12. New Moon Beginnings

Best Tealight Candles

New Moon Beginnings creates an assortment of candles. From new moon to energy cleansing, and even a Samhain candle, this candle shop has it covered. We love that they have tealight candles which are perfect for short candle magic.

Each candle type comes topped with genuine crystals, flowers, and herbs. The candles are scented as well.

13. Mega Candles

Best Votive Candles

Mega Candles offers a generous selection of votive candle boxes. You can get packs of 12 in a single color with either 10-hour or 12-hour burn times. These are unscented candles and while they’re nothing special we do like having a selection of votive candles on hand (especially in white) and these do the trick.

14. Xinaobaoluo

Best Taper Candles

Xinaobaoluo offers gorgeous taper candles in all colors and different shapes. They are sold in sets with varying colors, however, because these candles are also sometimes used for decor the sets aren’t always practical for magic uses.

If you’re on the hunt for light blue taper candles (which I’ve found are a tad more difficult to track down) then you can turn to Xinaobauluo. Their candles do have a scent. In the case of the light blue it is vanilla cream and sea salt. These aren’t necessarily the best for candle magic but are a good option for those in the broom closet as they pass easily as everyday candles.

You would need to dress these candles yourself as they don’t come pre-dressed.

15. House of Intuition

Best Zodiac Candles

We love the beautiful zodiac line of candles produced by House of Intuition. This brand already has quite a few awesome spell candles but their zodiac candles stand out from the rest.

Their zodiac candles are pillar candles made with palm wax. There is a candle for each of the signs of the zodiac and the recommended use is to light it on your birthday or within the range of the zodiac dates.

16. Wicked Witch Mojo Candles by Dorothy Morrison

Best Named Candles

Dorothy Morrison candles have a 40-hour burn time and are made with paraffin wax. These candles have been around for a bit. Each has a saying on the front from Dorothy Morrison, an author, and teacher of Wicca, magic, and Neo-Paganism. There is also suggested Words of Mojo to use when practicing candle magic with that candle.

You’ll find these pillar candles do have a scent and adorable names to go along with each. These would be fun to give as gifts to yourself or others.

17. My Lumina

Best With Crystals

My Lumina creates beautiful, somewhat minimalist candles dressed with herbs and crystals. They are a small manufacturer with a focus on consistency in the wax pool and scent throw. My Lumina is all about cleansing with candles like Purification, Avail, and Palo Santo.

You can tell this brand puts a ton of care into scent when you look at their careful breakdown of top notes, middle notes, and bottom notes for each candle.

However, these candles aren’t as large as they appear in their marketing photography. This means they enter the splurge territory.

These candles are ones I would turn to for more lighthearted, simple candle magic. They are pre-dressed which is something find can be best to do yourself if you are being particularly intentional with your candle spellwork. But, I do think this is great for the witches still in the broom closet as they can pass as any old candle but will still pack a punch with the right spellwork.

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