11 Best Incense Burners for Incense Cones

An incense burner for cones needs to have larger, round bottoms to catch the ash of the incense cone. You’ll find incense holders for cones ranging from the backflow waterfall options to decorative decor for the smoke to flow out in interesting or funny ways. It’s not uncommon to have different incense burners for different purposes either.

Keep in mind that incense cones come in two different varieties. The first is the typical incense cone that has smoke rising from the top. Whereas the other type of incense cone has smoke flowing out of the bottom, so you need a specific backflow burner. Always keep in mind what type of incense cones you’re buying before buying any of these incense burners.

With that being said, here are 11 incense holders for incense cones for either type you should consider adding to your collection.

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1. Govinda – 5-inch Temple Wooden Charcoal/Cone Burner

Best Overall Incense Cone Burner

Govinda’s 5-inch Temple Wooden Cone Burner is the perfect option for a vast majority of incense cone users. It combines style, simplicity, and ease of use into one product. It has an easy-to-clean metal tray and you can still obverse lovely smoke patterns with the burner closed.

Users of this specific product should handle it with care, however. The hinges may come out of place if the box slams shut too often.

2. Kingsglen – Ceramics Waterfall Incense Burner

Best Backflow Incense Cone Holder

Backflow incense burners often look cooler in pictures than they do in real time because they’re too large to work properly. Kingsglen cuts down the size with their Ceramics Waterfall Incense Burner and allows you to maximize the visuals that come from backflow incense cones.

Instead of having multiple ridges for the smoke to attempt to flow down, there’s only one and it pools the smoke much more efficiently. You should still minimize the amount of wind flow in the area though, as it’s pretty easy for ventilation to kick up the smoke and ruin the aesthetics.

3. LamDawn – Ceramic Incense Burner 3-in-1

Best Ceramic Incense Burner

LamDawn Ceramic Incense Burner brings together traditional with a little more color added to it. The ceramic portion is a glossy, vibrant color while the top piece is made of aluminum. Their vast amount of color options allows you to customize the incense holder to your specific aesthetics in the room you place it in.

Because the metal cover consists of aluminum, this incense cone burner is a lot lighter than it looks. This is also one of the few incense burners that specify that you can use incense coils in it.

4. Dreamgirnh – Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner w/ Crystals

Best Crystal Incense Holder

If you’re one to have crystals all over the home, then you can’t forgo Dreamgirnh’s Ceramica Waterfall Incense Burner w/ Crystals. There are a few different crystal options to choose from, so feel free to choose the crystal option that resonates with you the most.

The benefit of having the crystals surrounded by smoke is that the cleansing effect of certain incense scents will also cleanse the crystals. Making it a self-sustaining cleansing item from negative energies.

5. Cacukap – Gnome Incense Holder

Most Unique Incense Cone Burner

Not a fan of any of the traditional incense cone holders? Spice up your incense-burning routine by introducing the Cacukap Gnome Incense Holder. The cone rests inside the gnome and allows the smoke to flow out of its nose and ears.

This gnome also offers a convenient area in its hand for you to burn incense sticks. Although you’ll need a mat underneath, as the incense holder does not handle catching the ash well.

6. ChausettesdeComptine – Moon Backflow Incense Burner

Best Creative Incense Cone Holder

If you’re looking for an incense burner that matches a “witchy” aesthetic, then peep the Moon Backflow Incense Burner from ChausettesdeComptine on Etsy. It’s a smaller, waterfall incense burner that features a crescent moon shape and a touch of divination with a crystal ball in the center.

7. MENDUNNER – Cast Iron Incense Burner

Best Cast Iron Incense Burner

A fan of the old-fashioned look of cast iron products? Not only is the MENDUNNER Cast Iron Incense Burner convenient to clean, but it also blends in well with other pots and pans in the kitchen. This incense cone holder is on the heavier side, but that goes for any cast iron product.

Even though cast iron itself is fireproof, you should still use the included fireproof cotton to avoid damaging the product. Regardless if you burn incense cones or utilize the incense stick holder as well.

8. Meyerascal – VooDoo Doll Cone Burner

Most Unique Cone Burner

Not all incense cone burners need to fit the mold. Take for instance the Meyerascal VooDoo Doll Cone Burner.

This incense burner features a simple voodoo doll filled with pins, stitches, and buttons. Making it the perfect option for those who enjoy art or a great Halloween decoration piece that’s also functional.

9. YAJODI – Dragon Backflow Incense Holder

Best Dragon Incense Holder

The YAJODI Dragon Backflow Incense Holder is the perfect combination of mysticism that comes with incense along with the power of the dragon. While the product itself is on the smaller side, it does come jam-packed with a lot of extras. You’ll find everything from convenient carrying bags for the cones to a battery-powered LED light.

A quick rundown of everything included:

  • Dragon waterfall incense holder
  • Backflow incense cones
  • Incense sticks
  • Mat
  • Tweezers
  • LED light
  • Two incense cone carrying bags

10. KACI – Ceramic Incense Burner for Cones

Best Yoga Room Incense Burner

If you have a yoga or meditation area with a specific style, you should consider the KACI Ceramic Incense Burner. This incense burner is a cute, handmade incense cone burner that blends in well with the peaceful vibes of a meditation room. Unlike other ceramic incense cone burners, this one brings in nice neutral tones, rather than bright and almost out-of-place options.

11. CERAMICdesignSHOP – Ceramic Oven Incense Cone Home Decor

Best Decor Incense Cone Burner

Want an incense cone burner that blends into the rest of the home yet is still functional? The Ceramic Oven Incense Cone Burner from CERAMIdesignSHOP is a perfect combination of both.

It looks like a traditional oven with a smoke stack on top. This is naturally where the smoke will rise as the incense cone burns. We make no promises about it actually cooking food though.

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