Discover the 7 Best Wooden Mortar and Pestle Sets for All Your Witchy, Spiritual, and Cooking Needs

Whether it’s for spells, cooking, or even for everyday life purposes, a wooden mortar and pestle is an easy way to compliment kitchens and altars alike. You’re probably tired of talking about mortar and pestles recently, but we’re kinda hooked on it at the moment thanks to one of us identifying as a kitchen witch.

Before we dive into the best options, keep in mind that wooden mortar and pestles really shouldn’t be washed with water. Cleaning a wooden mortar and pestle will take extra care compared to other options such as granite or marble.

Our team tests, researches, and carefully curates all our recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive commission on purchases made from our links at no additional cost to you.

1. Naturally Med Olive Wood Rustic Mortar and Pestle

Best Overall Wooden Mortar and Pestle

The Naturally Med Olive Wood Rustic Mortar and Pestle takes the number one overall spot for wooden mortar and pestle thanks to its design, size, and sturdiness. It’s great for everything from spells to cooking, making it an ideal fit for a wide variety of different people.

You’ll find it’s not too large but also not too small and thin, which tends to be an issue with wooden mortar and pestles. Now, due to the Mediterranean olive wood varying in color, you should expect differences in the pattern and color occurring naturally. This does give it a very personal and alive feeling, making it that much better for connecting with yours.

2. Imusa Mortar with Pestle Kitchen Essentials, Jumbo

Best Budget Wood Mortar and Pestle

If you’re looking to cut down on costs and put some money back into your pocket, then we’d recommend checking out the Imusa Mortar with Pestle, Jumbo option. It’s a taller and thinner wood option perfect for crushing herbs and spices. Its thin size may actually be a little more suited to your alter or kitchen cabinet.

Now, with the word “budget”, you should not expect the same quality as others for the long term. The store doesn’t list what type of wood this mortar and pestle is made of and since it’s thinner, you should take extra care when cleaning and storing this one.

3. Witch’s Wooden Mortar & Pestle

Best Decorative Wood Mortar and Pestle

Trying to finish off your altar or looking for more of a decorative piece? The Witch’s Wooden Mortar & Pestle is the perfect option for you then, as it allows you to choose between four different designs to better fit your aesthetic.

These four options are:

  • Tree of Life
  • Pentacle
  • Triquetra
  • Hamsa

Thanks to the rather low cost and popularity of the MyMagicPlaceShop on Etsy, these mortar and pestles tend to have a waitlist. At the time of writing, the Tree of Life and the Triquetra were both on backorder.

4. Stone & Black Wood Authentic Mexican Molcajete

Best Wooden Molcajete

Now, a traditional Mexican molcajete is not made with wood for the mortar and pestle. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a wood portion to it. Certain molcajetes are made with a wooden base, which can be used to heat things up such as tortillas, like this Stone & Black Wood Authentic Mexican Molcajete.

We’re recommending this one in particular because it’s going to be the only one you buy for basically the rest of your life. It’s stylish, authentically handcrafted in Hidalgo, Mexico, and really sturdy. Like, we’re talking 11 lbs / 5 Kg heavy. It’s one of those pieces you see and you go “Yeah, I understand”, it’s just that pretty.

5. 9″ Custom Mortar and Pestle Set

Best Splurge Wooden Mortar and Pestle

Now if you’re looking to splurge a little and have something more custom to fit your preferences, check out the Custom 9” Mortar and Pestle Set that Stewart Wood Studio offers. The store gives you the option to choose between walnut, cherry, or pecan wood for your mortar and pestle. It also gives you the option to choose the pestle length, which not many companies allow you to do.

This wooden mortar and pestle has one of the widest diameters as well, making it excellent for those kitchen witches looking to serve up something tasty for a party. However, this does make storing a little more complicated, so prepare adequately for this splurge.

6. TIKUSAN Ceramic Ripple Ridge Mortar & Pestle

Best Wood Suribachi

A suribachi is a traditional Japanese mortar and pestle that is made with an earthenware mortar and a wooden pestle. The Tikusan Japan Store sources its products from Japan (considering they’re a Japanese company, this shouldn’t be a surprise) and their Ceramic Ripple Ridge Mortar & Pestle is no different.

The mortar itself is made using the traditional Japanese craft known as “Mino-yaki”. And the wooden pestle is made from the Japanese Kiso Cypress tree. There are three different colors to choose from, but the Large, Blue option is our pick as it has an extra inch in diameter and the blue looks more worn (which we prefer) than the black and brown option.

7. Large Rustic Mortar and Pestle made of Tunisian Olive Wood

Best Large Wood Mortar and Pestle

Looking to bulk-crush some lavender or rosemary? You’ll find the Large Rustic Mortar and Pestle made of Tunisian Olive Wood takes care of those needs quite effortlessly. With a 5.5-inch diameter and roughly the size of a house plant pot, there’s plenty of room to work with in this wood mortar and pestle.

There are multiple options from ArtisRaw if you’re looking for a smaller size or shape. But we found the depth of this one to be the largest without having a small diameter for the hole like a majority of deep wooden mortar and pestle.


Are wooden mortar and pestles good?

Wooden mortar and pestles are good for aesthetics and functional usage but require quite a bit more care compared to granite, steel, or plastic options. It requires more force to crush items and shouldn’t be washed with water. Also, make sure to store it in a dry cool place to ensure mold and mildew don’t grow on it.

Should I oil a wooden mortar and pestle?

Yes, you should oil a wooden mortar and pestle every few months with food-grade mineral oil. The oil will seal the wood to ensure it can hold up against the food, mashing, and climate.

Does a wooden mortar and pestle need to be seasoned?

Wooden mortar and pestles do need to be seasoned before use. Preferably with a mixture of rice and water or rice and oil. It’s best to season after every time you clean your wood mortar and pestle.

What is the best wood to make a mortar and pestle?

Olive wood is one of the most commonly used options today, but it’s not uncommon to find ones with walnut, pecan, cherry, elm, or cypress. Regardless of which wood you go with, as long as it’s sturdy like any of these and you keep up the care, you’ll find no issues with the type of wood.

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