What Is a Kitchen Witch and How to Know If You Are One

A kitchen witch is a form of witchcraft who finds peace in the kitchen and tends to use cooking as the center of their spell weaving and rituals. It’s often said that cooking is a form of comfort, nostalgia, and healing, which kitchen witches take great pride in. The kitchen and surrounding areas are their comfort space and they work hard to keep this space in an optimal design.

This article will delve deeper into what a person who identifies as a witch who finds their power in the kitchen, rather than the old Norwegian/Scandanavian custom of making a “kitchen witch”, which is a homemade poppet or doll.

What Is a Kitchen Witch?

Kitchen witches are witches who perform their best work in the kitchen through cooking and bringing forth mealtime. It’s said that the kitchen is the heart and hearth of the household, so a kitchen witch will use their time in it to bring warmth and happiness to themselves and the family.

Rather than performing spells and magick through candles, spell jars, or rituals, a kitchen witch will turn their meals into the spell a lot of the time. The ingredients they put into their food are for more than just simply tasting good, but to bring forth good fortune, love, and luck.

What Tools Does a Kitchen Witch Use?

Just like with any witch, the kitchen is also a space where you’ll want to build an altar. The center of a kitchen altar will focus on the tools, herbs, and spices that you’ll use throughout your “potions”. This will range from a mortar and pestle to the basil you grew on your windowsill.

Pretty much everything you use to cook and pour your magick into will constitute a magickal tool. The most common items you’ll find in a kitchen witch’s arsenal includes:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Whisk
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Bowls
  • Pans

As you can see, it’s just about anything you commonly use to cook on a daily basis. The difference between a person cooking and a kitchen witch is the extra step they’ll take to make these tools their own.

Making Your Kitchen Witch Tools Magical

Now there’s nothing wrong with keeping your tools simple, but they may not fully respond to you when you’re pouring your magic into your cuisine. Since these tools are part of your witchy practice, you’ll need to regularly cleanse, charge, and add your own touch to them.

Decorating your tools, adding crystals to your storage, and creating a specific place for every item to make an altar are all part of being a kitchen witch. Where you decide to set up this altar, whether it’s in the kitchen itself or on the dinner table is completely up to you.

How Does a Kitchen Witch Perform Spells and Rituals?

Spells are done through cooking, where you imbue your magick into the cooking itself. That’s not to say all spells are done exactly the same as you would when you could though.

There may be times when you need to create potions specifically for health or fortune purposes. These are the times when you need to go above and beyond and pick out specific herbs, spices, or ingredients to accomplish your task.

Kitchen Witch Recipes

You’re going to want to start with recipes you’re already familiar with before delving deeper into kitchen witch magick. These meals should be something that means a lot to you or your family. You’ll want to transform these recipes with a little witchy magic before delving in deeper.

Once you have a handle on these recipes, you can then jump straight into kitchen-witch recipes, which can range from your everyday bone broth to specific potions meant to enhance your life. If you create any recipes yourself, consider these a family heirloom and never let them go.

How Do You Know If You’re a Kitchen Witch?

Becoming a kitchen witch really starts with having a love and passion for the kitchen, but that’s not the only criterion. Beyond those qualities, you should see if you resonate with any of the following statements:

  • The kitchen is your comfort space and you spend time taking care of it and personalizing it
  • Cooking for others is a way you express your love for them
  • You find yourself exploring and trying new recipes all the time
  • Coffee making, bread making, or tea brewing are all ritualistic to you rather than just a task
  • You believe the food we put into our body is a way to nurture the body, mind, and soul
  • Growing your own food, not wasting food, and minimizing your environmental impact in the kitchen is an important philosophy of yours
  • It’s never simply cooking, but pouring your everything into the meal

These are relatively loose ends when it comes to making a decision and isn’t the only defining stances that will make you a kitchen witch. If you feel as if you are one, stand by it and commit to it, there’s no one out there who can judge you for your beliefs.

While I myself don’t identify as a kitchen witch, my partner most certainly does. The way they pour time and love into the ingredients they use and constantly take time to cook in our household is a testament to the fact that the kitchen is their space.


What is a kitchen witch doll?

The kitchen witch doll, also called a cottage witch, is a handmade doll that looks close to a witch in appearance and is used in Scandinavian, German, and other Northern European households to ward off evil spirits and bring forth good luck. They are traditionally hung in the kitchen.

Can you be multiple types of witches?

Yes, you can be two or more types of witches. Let’s be honest, not everyone is going to fit the mold when it comes to witchcraft types and nothing is set in stone when it comes to how we handle our practices.

In fact, there’s nothing saying you need to consider yourself any type of witch. Go with the flow and decide on whatever feels natural to you, rather than trying to tie yourself down and compromise to be one or two types of witches.

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