7 Different Types of Pendulum Shapes

There are roughly seven main types of pendulum shapes out there that most people can choose from. Once a shape is chosen, you can then pick out the material for the pendulum. The shape and material of the pendulum matter to an extent, so you should also determine what type of questions you’re asking your pendulum before making a buying decision.

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1. Hexagonal

Hexagonal pendulums are by far the most common pendulums out there. These pendulums are often made up of crystals, cut on six sides to create a point, creating the pendulum. The pendulum length can vary from around half an inch to upwards of three inches.

The crystal types will range from quartz to obsidian. If you’re looking to pair the pendulum with specific questions such as only romance questions or only career-related questions, you should purchase a hexagonal pendulum with the corresponding crystal.

2. Pointed

Pointed pendulums come in second for being the most popular pendulums on the market. These pendulums are often made up of metal and are made up of one singular metal piece, with the most common metals being bronze, silver, copper, and gold. You may also find stainless steel options.

Pointed pendulums have a smooth, cylindrical surface moving downward until creating a point. People often pick up pointed pendulums with a metal material because of their versatility in guiding people on a wide range of questions. While the pendulum may not be as perfect for answering specific questions, its wide range makes it versatile enough for when crystal pendulums don’t have a crystal that lines up with the question.

3. Rectangular

Rectangular pendulums are cut into a box of different shapes and sizes, typically using a crystal. They then have a metal pointed tip to indicate where the pendulum is swinging or pointing to.

The majority of rectangular pendulums are often around 0.5 to 2 inches long. While the pendulums are often made up of crystals, the crystal itself isn’t the main focus. Rather, these smooth and larger sides of a pendulum allow for ornamental designs. These designs may reflect who you are as a person, which may help your pendulum feel more in tune with you and your desires when asking questions and seeking guidance.

4. Teardrop

Similar to pointed pendulums, teardrop pendulums are made of a single piece of metal. You’ll also find these pendulums referred to as raindrop or water drop pendulums. They’re named after their resemblance to a drop of water, but rather than the point remaining at the top, it’s flipped so the point of the drop is facing the bottom.

Teardrop pendulums are similar to pointed pendulums in the sense that they’re often used for a wide variety of metaphysical rituals and questions. If you like a little more ornamental pendulum than what pointed pendulums offer, teardrop pendulums might be the right answer for you.

5. Sphere

Sphere pendulums are identical in nature to rectangular pendulums. They’re composed of a spherical crystal with a metal pointed piece at the bottom. Unlike rectangular pendulums, which can vary in shape and size, you’re not likely to see much variance in shape with spherical pendulums.

It should be noted that sphere pendulums are slightly more awkward to use compared to the previous options. The weight distribution on sphere pendulums makes it initially harder to see movement. You might need to look for even the smallest of movements to receive answers to the questions you ask.

6. Pyramid

Pyramid pendulums are a lot less common than the previous pendulums mentioned, but are still popular enough to get their own spot. Similar to teardrop pendulums, pyramid pendulums are shaped after an already existing object, in this case, a pyramid. It’s then flipped upside down so the point of the pyramid faces downward rather than upward.

Crystals are often the basis of most pyramid pendulums, but it’s possible to find metal options as well. You’ll need to decide on the material to determine if you want a crystal pyramid pendulum for specific questions or a metal pyramid pendulum for more general life questions.

7. Miscellaneous Shapes

You’re not limited to only these shapes of pendulums either. There are plenty of custom options or shop-specific shapes that are out there on websites like Etsy or Amazon. Custom options or rare shapes may make the pendulum feel more like yours, allowing for a better spiritual connection.

Other shapes you’re likely to see as a pendulum include:

  • Key
  • Egyptian Karnak
  • Religious Symbols
  • Hearts
  • Crystal Wands
  • Plated

And a wide variety of different shapes carved from crystals that fit your individual desires.

How Do You Choose the Right Pendulum?

Choosing the right pendulum starts with understanding what you’re trying to practice dowsing for. The more specific the question is, the more catered you can make your pendulum by using crystals. But this does run into the problem of having a specific pendulum that doesn’t always fit the intention of broader questions.

For Beginners

For beginners, we believe it’s best to start with a metal pendulum, as they’re relatively broad and can help you begin to understand dowsing. Metal options include pointed pendulums and teardrop pendulums.

Alternatively, you can always stick to a neutral crystal such as clear quartz for your first pendulum. Clear quartz pendulums tend to stay in tune with your energies, rather than influencing them one way or another.

For Specific Life Choices

For specific life choices such as romance, career choices, and education, it’s best to narrow down your pendulum to a specific crystal. Those looking to make smarter financial choices may want to try using a tiger’s eye pendulum whereas those looking for help with education might want to try blue sodalite.

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