What Are Pendulums Used for? Getting Started with Pendulums

Pendulums are commonly used to answer questions pertaining to everyday life. This includes romance, lifestyle, education, and career. Rather than being left open to interpretation such as oracle card or tarot card decks, pendulums offer straightforward answers such as “yes” and “no”. You’ll find pendulums work best when paired with a pendulum board.

How To Use Pendulums

To use a pendulum, you’ll perform what is known as a dowsing ritual. Dowsing is simply the act of connecting with your pendulum so it can answer your questions as effectively as possible.

Before a Dowsing Ritual

Before you start a dowsing ritual, you’ll need to connect with your pendulum for the first time and learn how it answers queries. You’ll start by holding the chain of the pendulum at the tip in your dominant hand either directly in front of you. Wait until the chain has stopped moving.

You’ll then ask the following questions “show me yes” and “show me no” to the pendulum. Your pendulum will then swing vertically or horizontally to each. Make note of which way your pendulum swings for each query, as it’s needed to line up a pendulum board if you decide to use one.

Performing the Dowsing Ritual

First, lay out your pendulum board with the “yes” and “no” answers facing in their respective directions of your pendulum. Forgo this step if you’re opting for no pendulum board.

You’ll then connect to your pendulum once more with the pendulum in your dominant hand. You use your dominant hand as it’s the hand you have the most confidence in and allows your energies to pass through your body and connect with the pendulum at an easier rate.

Once the pendulum is centered and connected to you, it’s time to start asking a broad question related to your worry or problem. Start off with “yes” and “no” questions such as:

  • Will I meet my soulmate soon?
  • Should I change my lifestyle?
  • Am I spending my money wisely?
  • Is the career I’m in right for me?

Of course, you can use any “yes” or “no” question, as these are just common starter questions that pertain to a lot of life experiences. After asking the initial broad question, you can then move on to more specific questions related to your individual circumstance.

Tip: Remember, pendulum answers are relatively straightforward. While fate and destiny play a large role in life, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the unknown and simply go with the flow.

After Dowsing

Once you’ve finished up your questions, be sure to keep a journal of all your questions and answers the pendulum presented to you. You can use these answers later on to reflect on how well you connected with your pendulum and write down what the outcomes were.

Store your pendulum and pendulum board somewhere in the house. Try not to keep your pendulum with you at all times, as pendulums (especially crystal pendulums), can pick up on the same negative energies that you do.

Tip: Consider cleansing your pendulum before asking any questions. Cleansing is done through incense for a quick method or through sun and moon exposure as well as natural running water for longer and more natural methods.

How Else Can You Use Pendulums?

Pendulums don’t necessarily need to answer only “yes” or “no” questions. There are pendulum boards out there that can tell you the first letter of a soulmate, when your question will come to fruition, and even the zodiac sign of the people involved. For these pendulum boards, you’ll need to ask specific questions such as:

  • What day will I fall in love?
  • What zodiac does my soulmate belong to?
  • What letter does my future career start with?
  • What phase of the moon cycle will I find studying the easiest?

Who Can Use Pendulums?

Anyone facing crossroads in their life can try their hand at using a pendulum. Similar to flipping a coin, pendulums can help uncover your true desires when you realize what you truly want the answer to be. Pendulums are one of the divination tools you can use multiple times a day, but be sure not to rely on them for every answer.


Are all pendulums the same?

No, not all pendulums are the same. There are different types of pendulum materials and different types of pendulum shapes.

The material of a pendulum matters the most, as certain crystals and metals work best for every type of question, while other metals and crystals only work well for specific situations. Pendulum shapes don’t typically matter, but you should pick the shape that resonates with you.

What is the purpose of a pendulum?

The purpose of a pendulum extends beyond just dowsing. Pendulums are used for spiritual healing, keeping time when there’s no clock, and even early alerts to earthquakes.

Can you have more than one pendulum?

Yes, you can have more than one pendulum. It’s best to have a neutral pendulum made of metal or clear quartz, as these general pendulums can be used in a wide variety of situations and queries. You can also pick up specific pendulums related to romance, such as rose quartz, or education-related, such as blue sodalite.

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