Do Virtual Tarot Readings Work?

Virtual tarot readings allow you the opportunity to have your cards read (either by an AI or a person digitally) without being on your own with a deck. But, as when technology is introduced to anything, you have to ask yourself: ‘Do virtual tarot readings work?’

It’s obvious that adding technology to the mix removes a sense of intimacy from tarot readings. It feels much less spiritual. But, if you don’t have a deck or you want to try something new, here’s what you need to know about the legitimacy of virtual tarot readings.

Are Computer-Generated Tarot Readings Accurate?

Computer-generated tarot readings use computer software to generate a reading. Some let you shuffle the cards and pick them yourself. Others do the shuffling and selecting for you, really just taking the ability to rely on intuition away from you. Some will let you select the deck, spread, and enter a question into the system.

At the end of the day, computer-generated tarot readings are a bit… lifeless. There’s no use of intuition or energies to pull cards. It is essentially a randomized machine. No different than yanking a number from a hat or spinning a wheel.

What About Virtual Tarot Readings With Real People?

Virtual tarot readings with real people offer a bit different taste than the computer-generated alternative. Keen Psychic is a popular option for this, but there are many others to pick from. And in current times, you may find your local psychics are happy to provide you with virtual alternatives to their commonly in-person services.

Working with a real person offers a more personalized and insightful reading, even when conducted virtually.

Your Options When Having a Tarot Reading

If you don’t want to do your own reading or go to an in-person reading, you have quite a few options for tarot readings.

  • Over the phone
  • On a website
  • Through video call
  • Over email
  • On an app

Does Opulent Charms Use Virtual Tarot Readings?

As you begin or evolve your journey into tarot, you will find you have very specific preferences for your readings. As for us, we don’t use virtual readings. In fact, we shy away from all readings conducted by others.

For us, the act of readings cards for ourselves is a meditative and deeply personal process. When you add a second person to your journey, guiding you through with their expectations and experiences, it dilutes our experience with the cards and with ourselves.

All this isn’t to say that going to a tarot reader isn’t a good option. Going to see someone, especially as a beginner, is a great way to get better acquainted with the artform of tarot readings. But, if you are looking to tarot as a personal and meditative practice, it may be best to stick to reading your cards by yourself.

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