How Many Cards Are in a Lenormand Deck?

In a standard Lenormand deck, there are 36 cards. More creative decks may take liberties in the number of cards they’ll use in their Lenormand decks. With that knowledge in tow, you may find Lenormand decks ranging from 36 cards to 42 cards. If you find decks with less than 36 Lenormand cards, then they no longer count as Lenormand and fall simply under oracle cards.

What Are the 36 Cards in a Lenormand Deck?

The 36 cards in a Lenormand deck are based on a specific set of cards from a playing card deck. You’ll find everything from the 7 of Hearts to the King of Clubs. But playing card decks consist of 52 cards, so this means 16 cards are not included.

What Does Each Card Represent in a Lenormand Deck?

Each card in a Lenormand deck carries a different meaning and signifies something different. For instance, the Queen of Clubs will represent The Snake and the 6 of Hearts represent the Stars.

Here’s a quick rundown of each card in a standard 36-card Lenormand deck:

  1. The Rider – 9 of Hearts
  2. The Clover – 6 of Diamonds
  3. The Ship – 10 of Spades
  4. The House – King of Hearts
  5. The Tree – 7 of Hearts
  6. The Clouds – King of Clubs
  7. The Snake – Queen of Clubs
  8. The Coffin – 9 of Diamonds
  9. The Bouquet – Queen of Spades
  10. The Scythe – Jack of Diamonds
  11. The Whip – Jack of Clubs
  12. The Birds – 7 of Diamonds
  13. The Child – King of Diamonds (Knight of Diamonds)
  14. The Fox – 9 of Clubs
  15. The Bear – 10 of Clubs
  16. The Stars – 6 of Hearts
  17. The Stork – Queen of Hearts
  18. The Dog – 10 of Hearts
  19. The Tower – 6 of Spades
  20. The Garden – 8 of Spades
  21. The Mountain – 8 of Clubs
  22. The Crossroads – Queen of Diamonds
  23. The Mice – 7 of Clubs
  24. The Heart – King of Hearts
  25. The Ring – Ace of Clubs
  26. The Book – 10 of Diamonds
  27. The Letter – 7 of Spades
  28. The Man – Ace of Hearts
  29. The Woman – Ace of Spades
  30. The Lily – King of Spades
  31. The Sun – Ace of Diamonds
  32. The Moon – 8 of Hearts
  33. The Key – 8 of Diamonds
  34. The Fish – Jack of Diamonds
  35. The Anchor – 9 of Spades
  36. The Cross – 6 of Spades

Unlike tarot and oracle cards, Lenormand decks will have rather straightforward meanings. So when you pull Lenormand cards, you’re pulling direct answers as the cards signify something without interpretation.

What Happens When There Are More Than 36 Cards in a Deck?

If an author and illustrator have decided to go above the typical 36-card deck, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As the years have changed and divination has expanded into the modern world, there’s been a need for some changes to fully represent everything that happens.

The majority of Lenormand decks come with a guidebook fully explaining each card and how the author interprets the meaning of the card. So if there’s a card in there that’s not part of the original 36, you’ll need to consult the individual author’s guidebook for an explanation.

What Cards Are Not Represented in a Lenormand Deck?

There are 16 cards not found in a standard Lenormand deck. These cards are the 2 through 5 of each suite. So that means there are no 2 of Diamonds or 4 of Clubs. Authors may choose to use these cards if they find there’s a situation not represented by any of the standard cards in the deck.

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