5 Best Lenormand Decks to Choose from

Lenormand decks are some of the most straightforward methods of card-based divination. Unlike tarot and oracle card decks, Lenormand decks are rather blunt. The actual deck is based on a set of playing cards, so to keep true to the deck originally used, authors and illustrators need to get creative to maintain authenticity.

Here are the 5 best Lenormand decks out there right now.

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1. Grand Tableau Lenormand by Marie Lenormand

Best Overall

The Grand Tableau Lenormand card deck by Marie Lenormand is a reprint of the original Lenormand deck created back in the 18th century. These are the closest you’ll get to the originals, making it the best place to start.


  • Closest to the original deck
  • Informational handbook on cards and spreads
  • Easy to get the hang of


  • The Little White Book informational guidebook has relatively small print
  • The artwork is reminiscent of the original creation date, making it rather plain

2. Healing Light Lenormand by Christopher Butler

Best Take on Playing Cards

The Healing Light Lenormand card deck offers the best take on playing cards when it comes to artwork. It keeps all of the hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds on the card but adds original flair to them.


  • Artwork stays true to playing cards
  • Artwork helps beginners understand the cards


  • Cards are relatively large, similar to tarot and oracle card size
  • Contains 38 cards rather than the original 36, deviating from the original intent

3. Cute Little Lenormand by Sara M. Lyons

Best for Beginners

Cute Little Lenormand by Sara M. Lyons breaks down the cards into their intended meaning, rather than having to learn what each card represents. So while they still have the 7 of Hearts for The Tree, it names itself The Tree rather than the 7 of hearts.


  • Guidebook and cards are extremely easy to understand and grasp
  • Modernized for present-day applications and scenarios
  • Comes with exercises to help you practice Lenormand divination


  • Some cards deviate from the original deck: “lady” is replaced with “partner”
  • Slightly larger deck, not always making it suitable for the Grand Tableau spread

4. The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle by Caitlin Matthews

Best Unique Design

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle card deck by Caitlin Matthews updates the older Lenormand deck into the 21st century. The cards offer detailed and elegant designs while keeping true to the size of the original cards.


  • Offers specific questions to help you learn the deck
  • Suitable for beginners as well as advanced users
  • Gives practical advice on layouts


  • Some of the artwork looks too compressed due to the size of the cards
  • The cards often come too stiff to fully shuffle
  • Doesn’t stick to the original 36-card deck, has 39 cards instead

5. Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand by Edmund Zebrowski

Best Explanatory Cards

Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand cards meet halfway between the original Lenormand deck and simplified artwork. It combines what the older artwork looked like and makes it the centerpiece, rather than the playing card itself.


  • Great for first-timers or those who prefer artwork over playing card suites
  • Uses the same artwork from Pamela Colman Smith’s RWS Tarot Deck
  • Expands on the Love and Career related issues that users often ask


  • Cards are even smaller than the original Lenormand deck
  • Image quality tends to come out dull because of the small size
  • The cards aren’t always uniform, making the Grand Tableau spread look not uniform

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