How to Make a Love Spell Jar, 2 Variations

Sure, you could purchase a love spell jar and we’re all for supporting small businesses here at Opulent Charms. However, we like to promote handmaking your own spell jars. These can actually be incredibly simple—all you’ll need are crystals, herbs, and an intention of your choice.

Okay, so there are a few more materials needed. However, we promise that making your love spell jar is going to be way more satisfying than just purchasing one off the internet.

Love spell jars, and their counterparts like the protection spell jar we taught you how to make a few weeks back, are pretty popular at the moment. I think this has to do with the aesthetic appeal. Just note, while spell jars are all the rage now they are not a new concept. In fact, spell jars have been around since the 17th century. At one point, they were much more commonly known as witch bottles.

Alright, time to talk ethics. Before we get into the thick of it I want to make it clear: love spell jars will not make someone magically love you. You can use them to set intentions to strengthen a bond or begin a bond but they don’t work like spells from a Harry Potter movie. And let’s be extra real: Taking away someone’s free will like that is not okay—at all.

Ahead, I’ve created two love spell jars and I’ll walk you through the precise steps you’ll need in order to make your very own.

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When to Make a Love Spell Jar

I’m sure you already know that the ingredients that go into a love spell jar all have correspondences that align with love or the specific intention of the spell jar. Did you know that the day and time you create your love spell jar also matters?

Each day and time has a correspondence. You’ll want to consider the intentions of your spell jar and align the correspondences accordingly.

Months also have correspondences but if the best month is already behind you then you may have to wait up to a whole year before completing your spell and that’s just a bummer. (Plus, let’s admit it, we’re all sort of impatient).

In today’s case, we’re making a love spell jar and so the best day to create it would be Friday which is connected to Venus and associated with love. From there we can look at the times of the day best for creating a love spell jar. 6 a.m. is often tied to beginnings and devotion which makes it a good time for focusing on new or renewed love and commitment.

Ingredients for a Love Spell Jar

With the time and day you plan to create your love spell jar behind you, it’s time to collect the ingredients you’ll need to complete the spell. A love spell jar should consist of herbs, incense, and crystals (we recommend crystal chips). You’ll also need a spell jar and a wax kit or candle to seal it.

We get into the specific ingredients we recommend for each spell below but just note that the chosen ingredients we suggest can absolutely be swapped out and comped based on what you have on hand. Don’t let yourself be held back by difficult-to-acquire ingredients, we recommend doing your own deep dive into correspondences when approaching any spell recipe as most can be adjusted to what you have available. You can learn about correspondence with a few online searches.

I also like to recommend creating your own spell jar recipes. You can do this to personalize your approach to your love spell jar. It also allows for easy accommodation to what ingredients you have on hand. If you’re not ready to start from complete scratch, there’s nothing stopping you from tweaking an existing spell recipe like the ones I’ve built below or the ones you might come across in a spell jar book.

Now, with all that explanation behind us, let’s take a look at the fun stuff. Below are the recommended ingredients you should acquire when beginning to make love spell jars.


Crystals are often used in spell jars but you’ll want to make sure you’re picking crystals you feel drawn to that correspond with the purpose of your spell jar. Generally, I’ll add these in first as they’re heavier (a boring but genuine reason).

You can go the crystal chips route as they will more easily fit in any spell jar you have on hand, even the smaller ones. Alternatively, you can use larger crystals. While you can purchase these online, I do prefer to pick my larger crystals in person from a local crystal shop. If you’re looking for crystals for a spell jar and you don’t want to use crystal chips, I recommend hand-picking a few smaller options from a local crystal shop that you feel drawn to.

As for which crystals to reach for when creating a love spell jar, the most common options are rose quartz (for fostering love), amethyst (for healing after a difficult moment in your relationship), green aventurine (for luck in love), and lapis lazuli (for improved communication in your romantic relationships).

These are clearly only a small fraction of the crystals that align well with themes of love. I highly recommend you do a deep dive into other crystals if none of the ones mentioned here fit the purpose of your spell jar.


Herbs, spices, and salts can be included in spell work by picking those that correspond with the purpose of your spell. There are hundreds of options to pick from (which is excellent as you aren’t limited to only a few, potentially hard-to-source, options). Here are a few herbs, spices, and salts that correspond to love themes:

  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Spearmint
  • Cloves
  • Rose
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Red ritual salt


Incense is used to cleanse your spell jars before you get to work. You’ll want to select incense that corresponds with themes of love and romance. Rose, jasmine, and dragon’s blood are especially popular options for incense that aligns with love. You might also want to consider using ylang-ylang, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, or ginger.

Candle or Wax

The specific candle color or wax color you use to seal your love spell jar will depend entirely upon the final intention of your spell. Most often for a love spell jar, you’ll want to work with red or pink wax. Red has more intense meanings around passion, love, and sex. Pink on the other hand is a bit more lighthearted with a focus on love and romance without the emphasis on passion.

White candles or white wax can also be used as a stand-in for any other candle color. It’s like the clear quartz of the candle world.

You have a few options to work with when it comes to sealing. You can go the sealing wax stick route, use your spell candles (ideal if you already have some on hand), or even use wax beads. What you use is entirely up to you (there is no right or wrong answer!).

I’ve never worked with wax beads but they would be my preferred option for wax in the future. Of course, that option requires the most additional tools (tealights, a wax melting furnace, and a wax spoon). If you want to go with the easiest and cheapest option then I’d go with spell candles as you can easily get the in bulk and might already have some on hand for other purposes.

Other Tools

Alright, first and foremost if you don’t have a spell jar you can use then you’ll need to acquire one. You might be able to find a spare glass bottle in your house that would work or you can purchase one in bulk.

If you are going to purchase crystal chips then you can always use the jars the chips come in. (This is what I’ve been doing as a frugal money-saving tactic.)

You’ll need a lighter or matchbook for both the incense and candle.

An herb spoon is another completely optional method. Herb spoons are tiny spoons that can be used to transfer herbs, powders, and crystals into your spell jar. These are generally smaller and easier to transfer into small openings but there’s no reader you can’t use a teaspoon or kitchen spoon.

Love Spell Jar Recipe, Style #1

This love spell jar recipe has the intent of strengthening an established relationship.

I picked vanilla incense for both attracting love and increasing sexual desire. (Also it smells lovely and we love an aromatic bonus.)

Moonstones are included as they are said to have protective qualities while also attracting love. I’ve paired this with the inclusion of lapis lazuli as this stone has ties to providing clarity and opening lines of communication which are vital for a strong relationship.

I’ve also included rose petals, although if you and your partner(s) care for a plant together then I could take clippings from that plant to use in your love spell jar in place of the rose petals.


Follow these steps to make this love spell jar:

  1. Cleanse your spell jar with vanilla incense and begin to meditate on the intention of your spell. You can begin a mantra to repeat throughout if you choose.
  2. Add in the lapis lazuli or moonstone crystals or crystal chips.
  3. Add the photograph and sprinkle rose petals on top.
  4. Close your jar and seal it with red wax.
  5. Place it in an area where you and your significant other spend time together.

Love Spell Jar Recipe, Style #2

This love spell jar recipe is all about the self-love because you deserve love too. You can make this love spell jar part of an overall self-love, self-care ritual.

Feel free to swap out any of the ingredients. While I’ve put together these recipes from what I would use for each intention, these aren’t set in stone.


Follow these steps to make this love spell jar:

  1. Cleanse your spell jar with jasmine incense and begin to meditate on the intention of your spell. You can begin a mantra to repeat throughout if you choose.
  2. Add in the rhodonite and rose quartz crystals or crystal chips.
  3. Add in Himalayan salt.
  4. Sprinkle in the ground or sprig of rosemary and rose petals. (Bonus if you can harvest these from your home garden.)
  5. Close your jar and seal it with pink wax.
  6. Place it in a space you’ll see it on a daily basis like a shelf in your bathroom or on your nightstand as a reminder to care for yourself and practice self-love.

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