8 Best Incense for Love and Romance

Looking to add some spice to your night with some incense? While cleansing the air of negative energies is something you should do regardless of the mood, there are certain scents that help with setting the mood better than others. These incense for romance give off sensual smells, help boost confidence, and help protect against negative energies that would cause the night to be off.

Here are the eight best incense for love and romance.

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1. Amber

Amber is a pretty uncommon scent for incense, but it’s perfect for creating an aura of love and vitality. In for a long night on the town? Burn amber incense before you go out.

If you’re looking at a night in, burn amber incense in the bedroom for the best effect. Add an incense waterfall burner to give the smoke an elegant and smooth look. Amber has an interesting scent, as it combines a musky scent with almost a hint of spice.

2. Jasmine

Tired of the same-old-same-old? Jasmine in itself isn’t meant for romance per se, but it can be useful for helping with creativity. So if you’re looking for ways to really spice up your romance life with new and exciting options, burning jasmine incense may give you new insights into what you’re looking for.

For best results, burn jasmine in an open room where you feel the most open. You’re going to experience new ideas, such as dancing or maybe a picnic, so be prepared to step out of your initial comfort zone.

3. Sandalwood

Sometimes we go through rough times in our life that create a lot of excess stress, which makes romance a little difficult. Sandalwood is a perfect cleansing scent that makes getting back to each other easily.

Keep in mind that sometimes it’s our partner that needs to destress, so even if things are great on your end, don’t forget you’re in this together. If you already had activities planned and your partner comes home in a bad mood, consider burning sandalwood to help give them some peace.

4. Ginger

Ginger is the incense scent of sensuality. This incense scent is perfect for putting you and your partner in the mood. The scent is refreshing, invigorating, and spicy all at the same time.

The best place to burn ginger is either in the main portion of the home that you and your significant other are chilling out in. You can also start to burn ginger before things start to get heavy, but forget that it’s still burning. Always ensure that there’s something to catch the ash underneath and make sure the incense has stopped burning before you fall asleep.

5. Vanilla

Vanilla is a simple scent that is meant to increase lust for one another. Had a nice night out on the town that ended in a lovely dessert and drinks? Carry on those feelings by lighting a vanilla incense when you get home.

Or maybe you’re looking to take things easy afterward and you only want to cuddle. Vanilla is still perfect for spooning and watching your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video.

6. Ylang-ylang

Sometimes it’s us that need the boost in our self-worth and confidence to get us where we want to be when it comes to romance. Ylang-ylang helps clear the mind of self-doubt and helps us get a boost in self-confidence. You’ll find yourself looking at the world with a positive outlook.

This can also help your partner if they’ve been experiencing similar problems. Though sometimes, these confidence problems stem from something deeper. So maybe you’ll need to burn this incense and talk with them to see how they’re truly feeling. Once these problems are addressed, you can get back on the road to romance.

7. Rose

Rose incense is one of the best incense for love for a reason. It’s not a coincidence as to why you find it in a wide variety of perfumes and sensual scents. The scent of rose will often coincide with an increase in romance and even fertility.

With that being said, rose also tends to double as a dream booster for many people. So those who have had some fun before bed can then experience a new and profound experience before, during, and after sleeping.

8. Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood incense has long been associated with an increase in vitality and courage. If you’re looking to adventure outside of your normal realm, you might want to consider burning Dragon’s Blood incense beforehand. This adventurous realm can range from going somewhere new and exciting to simply exploring new things with your partner.

Keep in mind that Dragon’s Blood also gives courage, but this should not come with an abusive appetite. Ensure your courage and love are on the same wavelength as your partner before pursuing anything.

Use These Incense for Romance To Spice Up Your Night

By using these incense scents for love and romance, you’re looking at taking your night to the next level. Remember, incense doesn’t solve every issue and communication will always be the best route to sensuality. But lighting incense for romance can help relieve some of the stress and negative energies that hold us down every day, so it’s definitely not going to hurt.

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