4 Best Large Amethyst to Bring Healing and Serenity to Your Home

Amethysts are gorgeous, and while that may be an opinionated statement I’d find many agreeing with me. Amethyst is a favorite stone for jewelry but can also be used in your home for decor. Its rich purple color has a calming and elegant appeal. Plus, amethysts are said to alleviate sadness, balance the mood, and help you to be more intuitive. That’s good vibes right there.

We’ve collected 4 of the best large amethyst you can purchase to display in your bedroom, office, or living space.

What Does Amethyst Do?

Amethyst is a protective stone and can help eliminate stress and negative energies in your environment. They are also beneficial for cleansing your space and are said to aid in healing. While a common crystal, amethyst is highly regarded in spiritual and metaphysical practices for its varied uses.

Why Buy a Large Amethyst?

Large amethysts can focus on your space rather than on you. Often worn as necklaces or rings, amethyst can also be purchased as large pieces you can place around your space. Targeting your space is best done with large amethysts rather than a piece of jewelry you might wear on yourself throughout the day.

Thankfully, even in larger sizes, amethyst is very affordable especially when you compare it to alternatives like sapphire.

Check out these 4 large amethyst that can bring a sense of serenity and healing energies to your home or office.

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1. Deep Purple Project Amethyst Rock Crystal (250 to 500 Grams)

Each piece Deep Purple Project sends out is obviously unique. They will be slightly different in shape and size, but this company focuses on keeping consistent quality. These amethysts are extracted from Uruguay and are not artificially dyed or treated. The bases of basalt (a natural substance).

PROS: Gorgeous color and good size for use on nightstands or desks.

CONS: Some question authenticity of this amethyst.

2. Zenkeeper 1 Lb Rough Stone Natural Amethyst

If you don’t want to have a single large hunk of amethyst, another route you can take is getting raw amethyst and assorting them in a decorative bowl. I like to create this look on coffee tables or side tables. You can even mix in other stones.

This 1 Lb bulk set of amethyst from Zenkeepr is a good option if you want raw amethyst. Their amethyst are hand-selected and will vary in size, weight, and length as they are natural stones.

PROS: The crystals received have been a good size and are not tiny. The company offers other bulk crystals meaning you can expand to have a dish of a variety of raw crystals from a trusted source.

CONS: Some reviewers complain that their received product does not have a vibrant color. This of course can’t always be determined as these are natural crystals. However, the company should be carefully hand-selecting to ensure the best overall look of their crystals.

3. Deep Purple Project Quartz Crystal Raw Amethyst Cluster

Also from Deep Purple Project, this amethyst is perfect for presents or for housewarming gifts. You can add it to a display, bookshelf, or desk. The pieces are all unique so yours will be unlike any other they have previously shipped.

PROS: High-quality and beautiful colors.

CONS: Some received less than perfect product and color that was not deep purple.

4. EMPORION Large Natural Amethyst

EMPORION has a wide variety of sizes to pick from giving you plenty of options to get the exact right size for your space (no estimations needed). They even offer a unique specimen option. These are big guys though so definitely not great options for a side table or desk. If you have an office space, spa, or metaphysical shop, you can really set the mood with one of these large amethyst pieces, however.

PROS: A much larger size than other amethyst products. They generally are a deep and vibrant purple making them a talking piece wherever you decide to display them.

CONS: Quality might not be top-notch, however many report customer service is easy to work with to get the crystal type you want.

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