Where to Buy Crystals or Find Crystals

Once you start getting into crystals and gems, you’ll probably want to start collecting them all. But rare crystals like obsidian or ruby can be hard to come by and can quickly lead to the purchase of a fake stone. So how do you know where to buy crystals or find some on your own?

Here are reputable places that you can buy or find crystals to ensure that they are real and helping.

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Where to Buy Crystals

When you buy crystals, you should ensure that they’re 100% authentic. This means you can read about where they were sourced from and how they were sourced. Unethically sourced crystals can lead to an increase in negative energies which can then be hard to cleanse.

You can go to stores, buy online, or even visit landmarks that sell crystals at their gift shops.

Metaphysical Stores

Metaphysical stores should be your first stop for all things spiritual and energy-related. They often have one of the biggest assortments of crystals and you can find whatever it is you’re looking for. Often, you can also buy from them online, meaning that you can support these small businesses even if you’re far away.

Because the staff there is often passionate about what they’re doing, they can help you pick out the right type of gemstone for any occasion. If you have questions or feel stuck by the process, be sure to ask them. They’ll always let you pick out the exact crystal that calls to you rather than to them.

Be sure to check out our list of metaphysical shops that we recommend in major cities.

Etsy Shops

Etsy has a wide variety of metaphysical specific online stores. They’ll sell a variety of different products, whether that is tarot decks or crystals.

The benefit of shopping online at an Etsy shop is that they can often get the rare crystals you’re looking for. They know where to source the crystals that people have a hard time looking for and often offer reasonable prices since they don’t have a shop front.

When it comes to Etsy shops, be sure to check the reviews of people that have bought from them. Often, reviews will let you know if you’re buying from a legit source and give you more information on the quality and size of the crystals sent to their customers.

The two Etsy Shops we recommend are Crystal Cavern Designs and Vina’s Healing Crystals.

Cave and River Gift Shops

If you’re on a vacation or adventure to the mountains or a large river, you can try stopping by their gift shop. Often, these gift shops will include crystals and gems that are sourced directly from their place of origin and placed in the gift shop for you to buy.

The benefit of buying from these places is that the gift shops use the revenue from there sales to help support the local surroundings. You’re essentially giving money to help preserve the river or cave that you’re buying from. You’re also close to the source of the crystals, meaning that they’ll be radiating their natural energy.

Where to Find Crystals

You’re not limited to just buying crystals. You can go about trying to find your own gemstones that you can either find in a cave, river, the side of a mountain, or even in the pits of a canyon.

By picking up crystals here, you’re ensuring that these crystals are sourced sustainably and ethically. You’ll also be as connected as possible to nature and the positive energy that radiates from whichever source you get the rocks from.


Rivers are a great way to get crystals that are fully cleansed and ready to wash away negative energies. The most common type of crystal to find in rivers is quartz. It all depends on the area you’re in and the type of quartz that is found nearby.

You’ll also be likely to find other gems like amethyst, river agate, and topaz. In some parties of the United States, you’ll even find rubies and sapphires. These crystals can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so be sure to look at even the tiniest of stones that you pull from the river.


This is where most people think about finding gems and crystals. Selenite is by far the most common type of crystals that you can easily find in caves, but you’re also likely to find stones like limestone and even gemstones like diamonds and emeralds.

Mountains and Volcanoes

Mountains are abundant with crystals and stones. You can find quite literally everything from moonstone to jasper just sitting on the side of the mountain. Sometimes you’ll need to crack open a normal-looking stone to find the crystals inside.

Volcanoes are home to obsidian. This hard and smooth stone is a combination of fire, water, and other stones that all come together to form this glass-like rock. Just be sure not to be near a volcano when lava is still active.

Expand Your Crystal Collection to Tackle Life Effectively

By learning where to buy crystals or find them, you’ll be able to find a stone that helps you tackle whatever problem life throws at you. While general crystals like quartz can help with centering, specific stones like sapphires can help with prosperity and wealth. Just make sure that you’re buying legit stones rather than fake ones.

Let us know your favorite place to buy and source crystals from!

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