Where to Buy Spell Jar Necklaces ft. 7 Gorgeous Spell Jar Necklaces

Jar spells, sometimes called witch bottles, seem to be all the rage right now on TikTok and Instagram, likely due to their aesthetic qualities. And honestly; we’re here for it. Jar spells which can be large stationery containers that sit on a counter or tiny portable charms you wear around your neck are versatile and customizable.

So, wait… what is a spell jar anyway? Spell jars help you focus your energy by becoming the physical representation of the intention (or spell) you’re setting. It actually stems from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when witches would create much more grotesque witch bottles. (Think urine and hair instead of crystals and herbs.)

Spell jar necklaces are usually filled with herbs and crystals. These can be set with any intention and will be worn to give you that extra push toward your desired goal. We like to emphasize the importance of intention when it comes to spell jars. You’re bottling an intention and just throwing together an assortment of natural goodies won’t magically make your life all better. Although, wouldn’t that be lovely?

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Ahead, we give you all the details you’ll need to locate and purchase your first spell jar necklace (or maybe even craft your own).

Where to Buy Spell Jar Necklaces

Spell jar necklaces can be purchased from a variety of sources. You’ll easily stumble across ready-made spell jars on Etsy and in individual commerce stores like Rock Mama. You might even find some in your local metaphysical shop (although this is definitely hit or miss).

While you won’t find spell jars on Amazon, you can certainly get all the supplies necessary to DIY spell jar necklaces. They even offer kits like the one from CraftMystic that comes with the various tools you’ll need in one box. Although, keep in mind that quality may be questionable with mass-produced boxes. You can then pair your supplies with a spell jar recipe book like The Jar Spells Compendium by Phoebe Anderson.

7 Spell Jar Necklace Ideas

We scoured the web for the more beautiful and useful spell jar necklaces. Check out these spell jars to use as inspiration for your own DIY spells or purchase the ready-made option.

1. DIY Spell Jar Kits by AmethystSunCo

If you want to purchase the supplies from one shop with a recipe ready-to-go in hand then I suggest checking out DIY Spell Jar Kits from the shop AmethystSunCo. This shop offers tons (and I mean tons) of options, from prosperity-focused to love-focused. You’ll be able to select from four sizes. If you want to make a necklace out of your DIY spell jar then I recommend going with the mini option which is 10mL.

2. Spell Jar Necklace by PurpleDoorATX

These spell jar necklaces are dainty and high-quality making them an excellent option for nearly daily wear. These bottles are clearly made with a lot of love and positive energy. Currently, PurpleDoorATX is offering four options: courage, protection, love, and prosperity.

3. BAMF Self-Love & Confidence Spell Bottle Necklace by ThugMermaidd

ThugMermaidd carries a number of spell bottle necklaces with sharp and biting names. Not to mention, the bottles are downright gorgeous. Each is sealed with wax and generally includes a charm of some sort.

4. Love Spell Jar Necklace by TheMoonBeetle

Talk about stunning. This Love Spell Jar Necklace by TheMoonBeetle is gorgeous and packed with a mystical blend with the intention of stirring up your romance life in all the right ways. These jars are handmade by the shop come with a small rose quartz crystal.

5. Spell Jar Necklace by SpellsAndShelves

These on-the-go manifestation tools by SpellsAndShelves are perfect for the witch who wants to keep her spell jar on the down low. Often spell jars are hefty little suckers but this one is dainty in all the best ways. These spell jars come in a 1.5mL spell jar and sit on an 18-inch cord.

These spell jars are currently offered in health, fertility, self-love, love and attraction, luck and fortune, protection, release and heal, stress relief, and return to sender.

6. Intuitively Chosen Spell Jar Necklace by BindingEarth

Let me start by saying, I love BindingEarth’s shop. They offer such beautiful witchy items that are so clearly handcrafted with love and intention. You can shop the individual spell jars but with this particular listing, the shop owner will select and personalize a jar for you based on your situation. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for a tailored experience.

BindingEarth goes so far as to send a handwritten and personalized affirmation along with the spell jar. We’re sold!

7. Anxiety and Depression Relief Spell Jar Necklace by KittenKvltShop

While the KittenKvltShop mostly carried jewelry of another type, this spell jar necklace is currently available and goodness it is beautiful. This piece was handmade with the intention of warding off anxieties.

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