Work Your Light Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell Review (2023)

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The Work Your Light Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell is a 44-card deck that comes with a guidebook. It is made up of five suites with the goal of helping you better connect with your intuition. This oracle deck is incredibly beginner-friendly and quite popular for this reason alone. You can work with it intuitively if that’s your preference but it provides clear descriptions within the guidebook for those who are newer to oracle card readings.

A Quick Overview of the Work Your Light Oracle Deck


  • Comprehensive description for each card
  • Gorgeous artwork
  • Always positive reading


  • No hard-hitting cards
  • The guidebook is unordered
  • Limited diversity in artwork
  • Shuffling can be difficult

Let’s get into the details of the Work Your Light oracle deck.

Packaging and Materials

This deck comes in a sturdy little cardboard box (telescope box), which I appreciate. I’ve been using this deck for at least a year and it’s still in good condition even with regular use. It’s on the smaller side.

The cards are a sturdy cardstock. I always shuffle overhand so the size and material of these cards did not bother me. If you riffle shuffle your cards it may be more difficult to work with this deck. After a year of use my cards are still in good condition.


The artwork for the Work Your Light deck was created by the ever-talented Danielle Noel. The artwork is otherworldly and esoteric in nature. I find myself gazing at the intricacies of the artwork each time I use the deck, finding new and breathtaking details. I’m a sucker for pretty things.

It is worth stating, however, that this deck is particularly white and female. At a glance through the deck, I saw no men and only four women of color. Despite their obvious market of white women dabbling in oracle cards, I would like to see more diversity in future decks by this creator before buying additional decks.

Each card has an image with a bottom border where the name of the card and a short description are included.


The card backs are pink and teal blue with geometric shapes and roses.

Card System

This deck is divided into different suites to better guide and hone your reading. The suits are as followings:

  • Confirmation cards: These cards are more direct and good for straight-forward answers.
  • Inquiry cards: These cards are meant to help you work on intuition-based reading.
  • Action cards: These cards provide answers through actions you can take.
  • Activation cards: These cards help you take action and identify yourself at a soul level.
  • Transmission cards: These cards guide you to spiritual connections and are high-energy in nature.

How I Use It

I use this for simple one-card spreads, usually over a morning tea or coffee before my daily journaling sessions. It’s a nice daily pick-me-up to get your day started.

How Does It Read?

This is a positive deck. I could leave it at that and it would summarize each and every reading I get from it. It gives a nice calming aura but I do wish at times that it would provide a more tangible result.

Note: This deck has multiple Christian-leaning images and meanings (Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Star Mother). For me, this was a negative but for others who it aligns better with, it could be another positive. If your family is uncomfortable with your use of oracle cards, showing them these cards may help them toward acceptance.

My Personal Journey With This Deck

I found this deck at a metaphysical and apothecary shop in the city where I currently live. I’d never used oracle cards before but I was so darn eager to learn. Knowing only what I’d been able to cram into my brain online before making the 45 minutes trip, I went with it because it seemed to call to me. I picked it up at least five separate times before finally deciding I’d buy it.

It’s been a time since I bought this deck and I still turn to it for regular readings. I find it to be great for mornings when I want to sit outside with my plants, pull a card, and journal for a bit. It takes me to an introspective place without any dark edges or creeping negativity.

I’m always telling my boyfriend, ‘This deck is my happy, good vibes deck. I use my other ones for a reality check.’

It’s good to have a simple positive deck in your collection. Sometimes we aren’t looking for a deeper meaning, we just need a ‘shallow’ look at ourselves and our world. This is what made this a great intro to oracle decks for me. It’s a deck I’d recommend to any beginner of oracle cards.

The Perfect Oracle Deck for Beginners

This is hands down the perfect oracle deck for beginners. It is affordable, positive in nature, and has a clear guidebook to avoid confusing readings.

I started with this deck, even before I got into tarot decks, having found it on the second visit to my local crystal shop. This deck is incredibly beginner-friendly and positive, making it an excellent choice for the oracle deck beginner.
The guidebook is fairly clear and the cards themselves have a name and descriptor so you won’t need to worry about reading intuitively if you aren’t comfortable yet.

I find myself reaching for this deck again and again. Even after expanding my collection, it still remains one of my (if not the) favorite.
Ready to purchase? You may find this deck in your local metaphysical shop but you can also find it at the following retailers:

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