How to Cleanse Crystals: 5 Methods to Try

Buying and using crystals is one thing, but did you know you need to cleanse and recharge your crystals as well? While using crystals to soothe and redirect negative energy, crystals can only do their job for so long before needing to recharge and reset.

Unless you’re sourcing your crystals straight from nature, these crystals can often go through energies and auras that do not align with your own. This is why cleansing a crystal from the point of purchase is typically recommended.

Cleansing and recharging can take many different forms and shapes, so read on to learn how to cleanse crystals 5 different ways.

1. Running Water

One of the cleanest and purest ways to cleanse your crystals is to run them under running water. The constant stream of water will carry away the negative energies that surround your crystals.

Running the stone under water allows it to bond once again with nature. Water is the life source for every living being and plays a crucial role in our body’s energy levels.

For best results, look to bring the crystal to a stream, waterfall, or ocean. The stream or waterfall is a direct connection to nature and allows the crystal to be recentered. The outdoors also allows it to feel the positive energy of being in an open space.

Bringing the crystals to the ocean allows the saltwater to utilize its minerals for cleansing. These minerals can absorb the unwanted and negative energies that have been stored, and set them free into the ocean.

If an ocean or stream isn’t available to you, do not fret. As all water is part of the water cycle. If need be, collect rainwater or water from the faucet and submerge the crystals for a day or two. Add sea salt to faucet water for optimal results.

Make sure to only use this for hard crystals like quartz or amethysts. Soft stones that are porous can lose their important minerals for cleansing and may crumble because of the sudden exposure.

2. Natural Light

Another great way to recharge and cleanse your crystal is exposure to the sun and the natural light it provides. The light provided from the sun allows the crystals to understand that there is light and day. That means that it needs to expel the negative energy that it has absorbed for you, and replace it with new positive energy.

For best results, make sure to place your crystals outside on the earth itself right at sundown. The crystals will then receive a combination of both sunlight and moonlight during this time, understanding that there is a balance of both negative and positive. While good times come and go, there will always be a brighter tomorrow.

With crystals, make sure that you are picking them up before the afternoon peak of sunlight. Too much sunlight can weather and damage the stones further, leading to a faulty cleanse. This also speaks to the fact that too much of a good thing can become negative itself.

Only use this for your harsher stones, as vibrant stones and soft stones are not used to this type of sunlight and can be off-put by the sudden increase in light exposure. This can lead to an insufficient cleanse as well.

3. Sage

crystal wand and sage on light countertop
Sage has been used in the metaphysical community for centuries. Whether you are a 10th generation witch or a beginner, sage is a common healing plant that provides a multitude of benefits.

The sage plant itself has been used for cleansing specifically in many households. By burning the sage, you are dispersing the negative energy that looms in the air. But sage is not limited to just cleansing the room.

By allowing the stones to be engulfed in the smoke, you are letting the negative energy rise with the smoke itself. This allows the negative energy to be carried out of the room with the rest of the negative energy. Envelope the stone for around 30 seconds, or if it has been a while since your last cleanse let the stone stay enveloped in the sage for longer.

The best part about sage is the fact that it can be used on any stone. Soft, vibrant, hard, dull, it does not matter. Sage cleansing is an excellent form for all crystals.

4. Sound

One of the harder methods, cleansing with sound is a great way to reset energy in the room. It works by surrounding the stone with pleasant vibrations. This allows the crystal to shake off any negative energy that it has been holding on to.

Choosing the sound should be based on using a tuning fork, bell, or speaker. While the key and particular sound does not matter, the quality and type of sound do.

When choosing a sound, make sure it is pleasant and uplifting. Also, ensure that it is high quality. Picking a natural sound that lets the stone know it is at home again is optimal.

For best results, try and cleanse with sound outside. The natural sounds of the world combined with the vibrations from the sound source allows for the negative energy to dissipate. This is perfect for those that want to cleanse crystals and stones en masse. The sounds can target and cleanse all at once, rather than having to do them at separate times.

5. Reconnect

Woman holding large clear crystal outside near trees
Considered the hardest way to cleanse crystals, reconnecting and recentering requires true insight into your energies. You need to have a good understanding of yourself and the energies you produce and redirect.

The best time to cleanse your crystals and stones this way is when you are in a neutral energy stance. This means you are not necessarily filled with positive or negative energy, but rather you are at a central place. This is done because too much of either energy can cause the cleansing to fail and your crystal to try and redirect rather than cleanse.

For best results, work with one stone at a time and visualize the stone and the energy it is carrying. Once connected, surround the crystal with bright, white light through visualization. You’ll need to envision the negative energies and imperfections leaving the stone until it is back to its original state.

This is perfect for every stone and should be done with one stone at a time. You do not want to cleanse one stone, just for that energy to be absorbed by another stone nearby. Depending on how much cleansing and recentering is needed, this process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute.

How to Cleanse Crystals: Bringing Your Crystals Back to Normal

Learning how to cleanse your crystals is an essential part of caring for them. You can’t constantly push and have your crystals redirect your negative energy without giving them the chance to recuperate. Take time with each and carry out the cleansing ritual that resonates with you the most.

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