7 Enchanting Spell Jar Earrings

Maybe you have one around your neck or in your backpack, you may even keep on in your car. These vendors, though, are making spell jar jewelry you can wear on your ears. We scoured the internet, and by internet we mean Etsy where all the beautiful stuff is sold, for the best spell jar earrings. Don’t worry, it was no difficult task with many Etsy shop owners offering this type of spell jar.

But if you don’t find any of these spell jar earrings to be exactly what you’re looking for, you can always make your own with the assistance of a spell jar recipe book.

Check out these 7 enchanting spell jar earrings.

Our team tests, researches, and carefully curates all our recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive commission on purchases made from our links at no additional cost to you.

1. Custom Spell Jar Earrings – LuckyysWitchyCorner

Best Customized Option

LuckyysWitchyCorner is a small Etsy shop that offers spell candles and spell jars. We especially like the customization options available with their Custom Spell Jar Earrings. When you place your order you can request the spell jar you’d like from protection to anti-anxiety and everything in between.

2. Spell Jar Necklaces & Earrings – CelestialDaydream444

Best Set

CelestialDaydream444 offers a set of necklaces and earrings for both protection and self-love. We personally love how these earrings are simple and on the smaller size. They are the perfect option for someone who wants spell jar earrings but doesn’t want anything too large. The protection spell jar earrings contain black tourmaline and the self-love spell jar earrings contain rose quartz.

3. Healing & Calming Spell Jar Earrings – AmethystMoonVA

Best Jar Variety

AmethystMoonVA has a few different spell jar shape offerings for their jar earrings. We especially love the teardrop and heart-shaped spell jar earrings. The types of spell jar earrings currently offered include good luck, protection, and healing and calming.

4. Assorted Spell Jar Earrings – PrismaticPotions

Best Dainty Option

PrismaticPotions has a ton of options when it comes to spell jars, particularly spell jar earrings. We are particularly fond of the long, cylindric spell earrings as these aren’t often found. The options at the time of writing include: anti-anxiety, protection, prosperity, strength, love, happiness, healing, manifest, and optimism.

5. Clairvoyance Amethyst Crystal Spell Jar Earrings – Dreamingwithfaeries

Best Unique Option

Dreamingwithfaeries has a few more unique spell jar earring options. For example, this spell jar earring set from their Etsy shop has the intent of improving clairvoyance which isn’t often seen in the usual spell jar lineup.

6. Abundance Spell Jar Earrings – LookIntoTheSoul

Best Budget

We’d all love a little more abundance in our lives and these earrings are meant to help with just that. These are an excellent option for someone who can’t invest in the higher-ticket spell jar earrings.

7. Spell Jar Necklaces & Earrings Combos

Best for Gifting

If a birthday or holiday is fast approaching then this could be an excellent stocking stuffer or small token to honor the occasion. We love the variety of intentions available and the aesthetic appeal of the sets.

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