4 Flower Oracle Decks You’ll Want to Put at the Top of Your Wishlist

Nature decks are something we always find ourselves reaching for here at Opulent. It may just be because we lean toward the green witch (and hedge witch) approach or it might just be because we love nature and the outdoors. No matter the heart of the reasoning, when we see a gorgeous floral oracle deck it goes right to the top of our to-buy list.

Lucky for you, flower oracle decks aren’t just for green witches. (But if you are, even better!) Get your hands on these four gorgeous flower oracle cards perfect for anyone with a green thumb or a love of floral things.

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1. The Seed & Sickle Oracle Deck by Fez Inkwright

Scrolling by this deck I stopped in my (digital) tracks. The box alone is downright gorgeous with its vibrant colors and the illustrated design of the snake, sickle, and viney plant. It’s different and I love that about this deck. The imagery is earthy without being dry somehow making it both whimsical and realistic all at once.

If you can’t tell by my descriptions, I’m not an art major. Thankfully, you don’t need to be to admire this deck. Its themes rest in sowing and harvesting. Because so much of life and our day-to-day existence is cyclical, I love how this theming focuses on growing. We plant a seed now and harvest it months down the road.

Another thing I love about this deck is that each card has two meanings attached to dawn and dusk. Dawn is for growth and investment while dawn is for self-reflection and self-care. This deck structure makes it one perfect for daily single-card draws.


  • Each card has two meanings.
  • Two guidebooks (dusk and dawn) to accompany the divided meanings of each card.


  • You may struggle if you don’t like intuitive decks.
  • Cardstock may be a bit stiff to start.

You can find it on: Amazon

2. The Botanical Oracle Deck by Ash Miyagawa

This deck is *chef’s kiss*. Inspired by ‘flora, fauna, and mysticism’ as noted on their product page, this deck includes 53-cards and is designed for general use. If you’re looking for the perfect past, present, future spread deck, you’re lookin’ at it. Did I mention it has gilded edges?

The bottom of the deck box has ‘For Strange Women’ embossed on it and I think that was the moment I knew this deck had earned its spot on this list for good. (And then I realized that was the brand itself and I spent way too much time browsing their catalog of products. Check them out on Etsy for your perfume needs!)

The entire desaturated color scheme is just a mood altogether and it’s a deck I could find myself reaching for over and over again.


  • Gorgeous illustrations with gilded edges and a beautiful box that’s perfect for display.
  • Perfect for past, present, and future spreads.
  • 53 cards make for plenty of variety in readings. (The Goldilocks of deck sizes — not too small, not too big.)


  • The seller doesn’t accept returns so know if you don’t end up connecting with the deck you’ll need to resell or trade.
  • Some problems were foil edges shedding at first were noted by other buyers.
  • Guidebook is a tiny pamphlet.

You can find it on: Etsy

3. Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson

The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle is made up of 40 elegantly illustrated cards that take inspiration from herbs. It comes with a 192-page guidebook (in color) to help you break down the meanings of these intuitive-heavy cards. If you’re not for intuitive readings, you’re in luck as the guidebook gives you a hefty amount of info along with each card.

There’s something so pleasing about this lovely deck. It’s like falling into the sketchbook of a (supremely) talented botanist.

Be aware, however, this deck focuses a lot on the meanings, medicinal uses, and history of the plants it features. For a reader who wants a more general deck this one may be too focused on plants. Likewise, if you’re a plant fanatic and a hedgewitch to boot then you won’t find a better deck.

I would use this deck for more intense spellwork and reflection rather than as a daily deck.


  • Very niche-specific deck that is perfect for pairing with using herbs.
  • Smaller card size (which I find to be better for shuffling).


  • Heavy focus on the uses and history of the plants – may not be a good fit for someone who wants a deck meant for general use.
  • Smaller deck size at 40 cards.

You can find it on: Amazon

4. Enchanted Blossom Oracle Deck by Carla Morrow

When I tell you I nearly shrieked when I realized the butterflies were actually little dragons. This deck is beautiful and adorable all wrapped up in one. (Truth and Appreciation might be my favorite cards but it’s so hard to choose!)

This is a 44-card deck with a 108-page guidebook that combines the grace of dragons and the cuteness… ahem-majesty of dragons.

This is a deck designed to lift your spirits and each card focuses on something positive. This is another deck I would turn to for daily card pulls, giving you a shining pillar for the day or rather a dragon-shaped North Star.


  • Unique premise and positive overall message.
  • Detailed guidebook.
  • Dragons. Enough said.


  • Butterfly dragons aren’t elaborated on in the book or given any lore/specific meaning.
  • Larger cards may make for more difficult shuffling if you have smaller hands.

You can find it on: Etsy and Amazon

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