6 Relaxing Incense for Anxiety

Anxiety is a portion of life that everyone tends to deal with and how that anxiety manifests will come down to each individual. Incense for anxiety typically revolves around helping someone relax, but how incense helps someone relax depends on the problem at hand. For instance, someone dealing with anxiety related to not being able to focus will differ from someone dealing with anxiety from romance.

Because this subject varies greatly, we’re going to give you the top 6 incense for anxiety that cover a wide basis.

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1. Patchouli

Patchouli incense is used for anxiety because of the calming and peaceful aroma the incense lets out. While it does have a relatively strong scent, it just makes it that much better when everyone in the household is dealing with anxiety.

Burning patchouli incense is also often used in conjunction with meditation. Pairing the incense with a time to meditate or reflect can produce some of the best results.

2. Sandalwood

Sandalwood incense offers a cleansing scent that helps bring peace of mind. Unlike patchouli, sandalwood often works best for a single individual, as the scent can help fully wash away the energies that may be increasing your anxiety. You’ll find it has a much lighter scent than what the more popular Nag Champa offers, as these are considered two different sandalwoods.

Feel free to burn sandalwood when you want to double up on your anxiety-reducing methods. While everyone has their own relaxing methods, it’s often noted that reading a book or watching a video with sandalwood tends to par the best.

3. Lavender

Lavender is potent when it comes to relaxing and healing. Many individuals will experience their anxiety at night, right before they go to bed. This is partly because this is the time of day when people have the time to think, which may lead to issues like insomnia.

While burning lavender incense for anxiety is a great idea right before bed, you should be very careful. You should never leave flames unattended. Fully burn through your incense stick while you’re still relatively awake and ensure the embers are completely extinguished before heading to bed.

4. Pine

Pine incense is a seasonal scent that introduces a cozy and warm vibe into the home. It brings about a feeling of calm by introducing the sensation of being in the outdoors. It’s a wonderful cleansing scent to help rid the cold months of negative energies.

But, pine incense is typically only burned in the fall and winter because the scent has such a strong association with warmth. It’s best not to burn pine in the spring and summer, as it might make you feel stuffy and lead to an increase in anxiety.

5. Ylang-Ylang

Ylang-ylang incense directly focuses on negative moods rather than just energies. Anxiety tends to have us feel down on ourselves, which can lead to an endless cycle of self-doubt. It can make it hard to look at the world and the future in a positive light.

Burning ylang-ylang incense is perfect for these instances where you simply feel hopeless. You’ll find the scent offers a confidence boost and can help pick you up when you’re feeling down.

6. Coconut

Coconut incense is a relatively uncommon scent but has plenty of applicable uses when it comes to anxiety. Traveling, whether it’s simply to work or to a whole different continent, can be relatively stress-inducing. Both from the mental strain some people face with vacations as well as the method of traveling to your destination.

You should try and burn coconut incense before traveling to help with anxiety. While you can’t necessarily burn incense when you’re in a car or on a plane, burning coconut incense before you leave the house can help give you the extra protection you need to fend off anxiety.

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