Is It Bad Luck to Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

There’s a popular myth that it is bad luck to buy your own tarot card, specifically your first deck. According to this myth, a tarot fledgling must have their first deck bestowed upon them by way of gift or stealing. Fortunately, this is a myth.

It is not bad luck to buy your own tarot cards.

Just think, if we all waited around for someone else to gift us a tarot deck would we even have a chance to get started? My first deck was one that I picked out on Amazon of all places. (The Everyday Witch, for the curious.) I’d dipped my toes into the world of oracle cards and I was ready to try something more structured—the lovely tarot.

3 Reasons to Pick Your Own Deck

Not only is it not bad luck to buy your own tarot deck, but it’s also probably better you buy your first deck yourself! Here’s why:

1. You’ll Get Exactly What You Want

We’ve all had gifts that we wish we could return. The ones that get pushed under the bed or tossed into a box at the back of our closet. Nobody wants a bad gift and the same can be said for tarot decks.

A gifted tarot deck is a lovely gesture. It gives someone a chance to explore tarot who may have never otherwise stumbled upon it. But, if you already have a strong desire to learn and read tarot cards, having one gifted to you may end up being a let down.

Picking your own tarot deck will ensure you get exactly what you want.

As you shop tarot decks, you’ll begin to identify with and be drawn to different imagery. Other imagery will do the opposite and drive you away.

If you purchase a deck that you think is especially entrancing, gorgeous, or quirky, you’ll be drawn to use it more often. Alternatively, if you end up with a gifted deck that is unsettling, upsetting, or just plain ugly, you’ll be unlikely to use it often.

2. You Can Pick a Deck That Matches Your Learning Preferences

There are two general types of tarot decks you’ll likely stumble upon: decks based on the traditional Rider Waite deck and esoteric decks that leave a lot up to interpretation.

Personally, we recommend you begin your journey with a deck heavily inspired by the Rider Waite deck. This gives you time to learn the meanings of the cards in a structured way. The images will be fairly clear and indicative of the original card from the Rider Waite deck. This will make it easy to move to other decks in the future.

If you’re heavily attached to the esoteric and are already wrapped up in oracle cards, then a deck that leaves a lot to be interpreted may fall more into your wheelhouse.

Neither answer here is wrong, let’s clear that up right away! Go with your gut (and your intuition) and pick a deck that will best guide you in your personal practice.

3. It’s a Personal (and Special) Experience

You only buy your first tarot deck once. Make the moment count!

Picking your first tarot deck is a special time for a baby witch or future metaphysical maven. Chances are you’ll remember picking out your first deck for years to come. If one is gifted to you, it’s undoubtedly special, but it won’t necessarily be a deck that called to you or one that you personally resonate with. This could lead you to never picking up that first deck that started it all.

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