Is Incense Bad For Cats?

Incense can be used in a house that is home to cats, but precautions should be taken to ensure the cats’ wellbeing. Incense is made up of essential oils and aromatic materials and emits smoke when lit, which are all bad for a cat’s health. You’ll want to speak to your cat’s veterinarian before burning incense in the home.

If you do decide to burn incense in a home where cats are present, you should be diligent with providing proper ventilation and keep the cats out of the room where the incense is being burned.

The Dangers of Burning Incense Around Cats

Burning incense around cats can lead to respiratory problems or can worsen existing conditions. If your cat is particularly sensitive, they may have a full-blown allergic reaction to incense. This might appear as red ears, scratching, and discomfort.

Cats are particularly sensitive to smells, essential oils, and smoke–all of which are major components of incense.

Safe Ways to Burn Incense in a House With Cats

If you’re attached to your incense but equally concerned about your cat’s health (as we hope you would be!) then there are potential solutions. Check out these options for a happy medium where you don’t have to toss out your incense sticks but you aren’t hurting your feline-friends in the process.

Keep Your Cats Out of the Room While Burning

Your best option, even combined with ventilating and burning high-quality incense, is to keep your cats far away from the room where the incense is being burnt.

Make Ventilation a Top Priority

Burn your incense near an open window and ensure the smoke is leaving through the window and now blowing into your home. You want to get as much of the smoke to waft out of the home as possible.

Purchase Only High-Quality Traditional Incense

Low-quality incense isn’t good for your cats (or for you). Instead of purchasing dipped incense at a low cost you’ll want to look into brands that make their incense the traditional way. Because the cheaper incense is made with fillers and other additives or low-quality ingredients, the price is much lower. But, it’s terrible for you and your feline friends to breath in.

Alternatives to Burning Incense

If incense just isn’t an option for your cat-friendly home, then you can consider a few pet-friendly alternatives. Look into purchasing a wax warmer or consider making your scents on your stovetop. You could also invest in an indoor air purifier.

If burning incense isn’t just for scent control, but also part of your meditation or spiritual practice then you may consider burning incense outside.

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