Which Tarot Card Means Luck?

The Wheel of Fortune from the major arcana is the tarot card most likely to be associated with luck. However, the Wheel of Fortune isn’t the only card that can be interpreted as meaning good luck. The Sun is another major arcana card that represents luck in tarot decks.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents karma, luck, destiny, and turning points when presented upright in your deck. The Wheel of Fortune card holds an important message that good luck will come and go and what goes around will come around. It’s a lesson in putting good into the world and being optimistic in life. The Wheel of Fortune can also represent a major turning point in your life, alerting you to major changes and life-changing opportunities on the horizon.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune will have the opposite meaning. Expect bad karma, poor luck, and a turning point for the worse. But even if you pull the Wheel of Fortune, remember the key lesson of the card, good luck will come and go. You may experience bad luck for a time but eventually, it’ll be your turn for good luck once more.

The Sun

The Sun card represents luck, positivity, and success. If you pull The Sun card it’s a sign that better times are coming soon. This card is energetic and bubbling with positive energy. If it shows up in your deck in an upright position it brings with it good luck and good emotions.

However, if The Sun pops up in your spread in the reversed position then you can expect to experience lower energy in the upcoming days. It could also be alerting you that you may be overly optimistic about an opportunity or situation in your life. That means it’s time to reflect.

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