14 Questions to Ask Oracle Decks About Love

Asking your oracle deck about your love life might be one of the first uses you have in mind. However, you should definitely take care to approach your deck with strategic questions about romance.

Remember, you should always ask open-ended questions. This means no yes or no questions. You should also keep in mind that the cards aren’t going to give you specific dates for upcoming events. AKA you won’t know if your boyfriend has bought an engagement ring or if your husband is considering divorce. Rather, oracle cards can help you focus on the specific energies around a situation. Nobody can see the future.

Best Questions to Ask Oracle Cards About Love

Ahead, the best 14 questions to ask your oracle deck about love.

  1. What is coming up in my relationship?
  2. What do I need to know about my romantic life right now?
  3. What should I improve upon in my relationship?
  4. How can I better protect my relationship?
  5. What qualities should I look for in a partner?
  6. What parts of my relationship do I need to give more energy?
  7. What changes should I make in my relationship?
  8. How should I approach taking the next step in my relationship?
  9. What is the energy currently like around my relationship?
  10. What can I do to attract my soul mate?
  11. How should I proceed after my recent breakup?
  12. How can I be more attentive to my partner’s needs?
  13. What should I avoid in a potential partner?
  14. What does the universe want me to know about my relationship?

Another word of caution: You should avoid making massive life changes from your oracle cards. Don’t ask your cards if you should break up with your partner and then do so because you believe the cards have indicated you should. A better approach to the situation would be to ask how to improve your existing relationship and meditate on the results. Then consider if those are changes you would like to try to move forward with. If they are, the you have your next steps. If they aren’t, then consider how you could feel if you were to breakup with your partner. The cards aren’t going to give you the magical answers to all your problems, they can only guide you to think more thoroughly about your situation.

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