What Should I Ask Oracle Cards?

Depending on the type of reading you’re doing, different questions may be more or less appropriate to ask your oracle deck. You’ll want to decide what sort of spread you will be doing (single card pull, three-card spread, etc.) before you begin. You can adapt most of the following questions to any sort of card spread but if you’re just starting out it may be easiest to get in tune with your deck by focusing on one card pulls.

Tip: Avoid asking yes or no questions. Ask questions that a reading can give deeper insight into rather than a simple yes or no response.

We’ve collected 6 questions to try using to in-depth oracle deck readings:

  • What do I need to know about x situation? (relationship, career, specific goal, etc.)
  • What does the universe want me to know?
  • What is the biggest obstacle in my life currently?
  • How can I open myself up to more abundance in life?
  • What is blocking me from the next steps I need to take?
  • What type of steps should I be taking to move to the next phase of my life?

Here are 4 questions you should avoid asking your oracle cards:

  • When will I die?
  • Who is my soulmate?
  • ‘Should I…’ questions (‘Should I take the job’, ‘should I break up with my significant other’, etc.)
  • Will I end up with my lover?

Warning: Oracle cards can help give further insight into situations and are brilliant at helping you better reflect on situations. What oracle cards shouldn’t do is decide on the resolution to a problem or tell you exactly what you should be doing. A.K.A you should always be making your own decisions, especially for major life decisions. Use the oracle cards as guidance not a black and white solution to your current situation.

Our Favorite Questions to Ask

I’m a fan of pulling a daily card, either earlier in the morning or during my midday coffee break. This is the time I take to plan, reflect, and journal. I prefer, and have found I get the best results, by asking the following question variations:

  • What do I need to know about today?
  • What should I be focusing my energy on this week?
  • What should I know about my creative energy today? (This one is great for writers, artists, and makers.)

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Let us know your favorite questions in the comment section below.

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