What Does an Upside Down Oracle Card Mean?

An upside-down oracle card is considered a reversal. When you pull an upside-down oracle card, this means the opposite of what the card usually means.

Upside down oracle cards don’t have to be read as reversals. This is generally up to the discretion of the reader. While it is a normal occurrence to read reversals in tarot, only some oracle decks are designed to have the reversals read.

Those who read reversals will often interpret them as a blockage. This means there is something (usually external) keeping you from achieving the upright meaning of the card.

When deciding if you want to consider the upside down oracle card meaning, consider the context and message of the spread, the deck you are using, and what you feel called to do.

Remember, at the end of the day it’s about what feels right for you not what is technically or traditionally ‘right’.

If you find that you enjoy reading reversals from your oracle decks, consider investing in a deck that has the reversal meanings included in the guidebooks. As a beginner especially, you may find it easier to interpret the meaning of reversals with the help of a guidebook.

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