Which Are Better, Tarot Or Oracle Cards?

Neither tarot or oracle cards are better than the other as each serves a purpose and has its own strengths and weaknesses. The individual has to decide which option is a better fit for them on the day they are pulling a reading. Fortunately, tarot and oracle can be read together for those who can’t choose just one system to use.

Tarots cards are good for:

  • People who want a more structured deck to read from.
  • People looking for (at times) harsh and straightforward readings.

Oracle cards are good for:

  • People who are looking for a more interpretive reading.
  • People who don’t mind varied systems across multiple decks.
  • People looking for more affirmational readings.

Does Opulent Charms Prefer Tarot or Oracle Cards?

Here at Opulent Charms, I have to say I have a strong preference for oracle cards. Here’s the thing—you can love oracle and you can love tarot but you’re probably going to love one more than the other. Your preference will most likely be strongly tied to how you use your decks and what your initial experiences are with the decks you choose to start off with.

You can love oracle and you can love tarot but you’re probably going to love one more than the other.

My first deck was the Work Your Light Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell purchased from my local apothecary shop. I absolutely fell in love with this deck. For me, oracle has a few advantages over tarot:

1. It Can Be Quick

I’m busy, busy, busy (oftentimes to my own detriment) and so my personal time is often kept to a minimum. We won’t dive into how unhealthy that is or not. The point is—oracle decks can be quick to use, especially when you’re first learning the ropes of reading cards.

2. It’s Easy to Learn

Oracle decks tend to be simple to pick up on, even though the systems in each are unique. With tarot decks, it feels as though you need to sit down and study the cards. For a beginner, it’s overwhelming trying to navigate the world of tarot, especially when you don’t have all the time in the world to memorize major and minor arcana, reversals, and more.

3. It’s More Interpretive (And Often More Uplifting)

Unless it’s a day off and I’m spending over an hour on meditation and self-care, my time to pull a card is meant to be a brief centering and uplifting moment to start (or boost) my day.

Tarot cards tend to pack a heavy punch whereas oracle tends to be more affirmational. Now this experience will come down to the decks themselves. My go-to tarot deck is decently positive but still comes with her sassy, sit-your-ass-down moments. This is why I grab one of my more straightforward oracle decks when I’m looking for a bit of guidance and motivation on the average workday.

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