Can You Buy Your Own Oracle Cards?

The myth of not buying your first oracle cards (or angel or tarot decks) may be deterring first-time readers from indulging in the purchase of their own decks. The thing is—you can buy your own oracle cards. They do not have to be gifted to you.

Ignore this silly superstition and go get your first (or fiftieth) deck!

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The Myth Surrounding Buying Your Own Oracle Cards

This may be tied to the history of tarot decks. At one point there were only three or four deck varieties available. These decks were used as a teaching tool and were generally selected by the teacher for the student. But, lucky for us, in today’s day and age, there are thousands upon thousands of decks to pick from. It’s more important to pick one that resonates with you. Plus, if you decide to wait for someone to gift you a deck you could end up waiting many years.

The Truth About Buying Your Own Oracle Cards

You can buy your own oracle card decks. Just as you can buy your own tarot or angel card decks. This gives individuals who don’t already have family and friends who know of their newfound interest an option to get their deck and begin learning.

You should be looking out for the following when selecting a deck to purchase:

You Enjoy the Art Style

You’ll be spending quite a bit of time looking at this deck. Don’t pick one you don’t find beautiful, interesting, or whimsical. With oracle cards especially, you’ll often be interpreting meanings through the visuals the cards provide. If you don’t connect with and enjoy the art style you may find the deck down not work well for your purposes.

You Like the System

If you’re going with oracle decks each one will be a bit different as there is no standard deck. We’re talking various shapes, sizes, and systems. For example, the Work Your Light deck by Rebecca Campbell (read our review here) has five suits: confirmation cards, inquiry cards, action cards, activation cards, and transmission cards. The Literary Witch is broken into authors and author objects.

How will you be using your deck? Do you have a preference? Picking a deck yourself will help you get a deck you’ll use more often considering it’s easy for someone to gift you something that falls into their perceived expectations of what you’ll like but you’ll rarely buy a deck that you don’t immediately like the system for (because you picked it).

You Are Drawn to the Cards

The hands-down best way to pick your own deck (and a major reason why you shouldn’t wait to be gifted one) is to pick a deck you’re drawn to.

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