What Is Dragon’s Blood Incense and How Do You Use It?

Dragon’s Blood incense comes from the resin of the dracaena tree or shrub and is traditionally used to empower you and increase vitality. These dark red incense sticks are often burned before tasks, in the early morning, or before bed. The dragon itself is often a representation of a long life span and powerful figure, so if you need boosts when it comes to being active or strong, burn some dragon’s blood incense.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dragon’s Blood incense.

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What Is Dragon’s Blood Incense?

Dragon’s Blood incense traditionally comes from the Dracaena cinnabari tree, but you’ll also find it commonly sourced from the Calamus flower. Both have been used for centuries in incense or traditional medicine for a wide variety of illnesses. Though this is no longer the case.

What Is the Scent of Dragon’s Blood Incense?

The scent of Dragon’s Blood incense has a soft, almost sweet-like scent, similar to amber. The earthy undertones remain present when the resin comes from the Dracaena tree. Whereas the Calamus Dragon’s Blood tends to have a slightly stronger sweet and musky scent.

You may also see Dragon’s Blood incense in a blue color. These blue incense sticks are often earthier with little to no sweet undertones.

What Is Dragon’s Blood Incense Used for?

The uses of Dragon’s Blood range from increasing sensuality between partners at night to helping you maintain your vitality throughout a long and active day such as work or school. The scent is rather invigorating, so if there’s an activity that requires a good amount of muscle strength, you may might yourself encouraged to get the task done.

When Should You Use Dragon’s Blood Incense?

Because of the empowering nature of Dragon’s Blood incense, you may want to use it before strenuous, short-term activities or long, endurance-based activities. Dragon’s Blood incense can help create a strong mindset, which you may need to tackle mentally draining situations. These activities or situations will range from:

  • Working out
  • Long work day
  • Long school day
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Sensual time with a partner
  • Creative projects

Where to Buy Dragon’s Incense

Because Dragon’s Blood is not a commonly used incense, it’s often only sold online through major retailers such as Amazon or Etsy. On these websites, you’ll find a variety of Dragon’s Blood incense sticks, incense cones, or incense powder.

However, you may find Dragon’s Blood incense sticks at your local metaphysical or witchcraft shop. Not all shops will list their products online, so it’s best to give them a call beforehand to see if they have any in stock.

Alternatives to Dragon’s Blood

Not everyone feels invigorated by a sweet or earthy scent, so Dragon’s Blood isn’t always the best option out there. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish will determine what the best alternative is.

Alternatives for Romance

If you’re using Dragon’s Blood as a way to spice up your nightlife, you may want to switch it out for one of these instead.

  • Rose
  • Vanilla
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Amber

Alternatives for Empowerment

You may be using Dragon’s Blood for increasing your energy and empowering yourself, but the scent doesn’t always do it for everyone. A few alternatives include:

  • Lemon
  • Bergamont
  • Jasmine
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Green tea


What does Dragon’s Blood symbolize?

Dragon’s Blood incense symbolizes the strength and lifespan of a dragon. The dragon is considered a long-living and powerful creature and it’s said historically that if you were to drink the blood of a dragon, you’d inherit a part of its power and vitality. Hence the name, Dragon’s Blood.

What is special about Dragon’s Blood?

The most notable and special thing about Dragon’s Blood is the distinct red color associated with it. It’s a deep and dark red, similar to the color of blood. Leading to the naming of this incense, Dragon’s Blood.

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