Where To Buy Incense: 5 Places To Buy Incense

In need of incense sticks to help cleanse the negative energies in your home? Incense sticks are gaining traction, even outside of the metaphysical world, as a way to set calm moods throughout the house while still offering a pleasant smell. But that doesn’t always mean incense sticks are readily available.

Here are five places you can buy incense sticks today.

1. Amazon

Amazon currently offers one of the biggest selections of incense sticks around. These sticks often come from countries that use incense sticks for religious or spiritual reasons, making them popular.

You’ll find large variety packs to the more obscure scents that most people don’t tend to think about. Whether you’re looking for slow-burning incense or ones that are extremely pure, there is an option for you. Don’t forget to pick up an incense burner to catch the ash.

2. Local Metaphysical Shop

Of course, nothing feels better than supporting your local shops. These stores are run by helpful individuals who are there to help you make decisions on which incense scent is right for you. They’ll guide you on how incense work and what type of products you’ll need to get started.

We’ve done a few articles on where to find metaphysical items in major cities, which you can find in our blog directory.

3. Etsy

Looking for handmade incense sticks and cones? Etsy is the home of online small businesses. This is also an excellent option for those who are looking for very specific scents or need a large quantity of them.

People tend to get creative with their incense stick and cone designs as well. You’ll find rope incense, colored incense sticks and cones, and even copal-based (which look more like tree bark) incense.

4. Walmart

If you’re in a pinch, you can always head to your local Walmart to see if they have a selection. It seems fairly common that they carry incense in the candle and aromatherapy section, but it depends on the store.

The only time it seems that they don’t have these items are if they are a “Neighborhood Market” and the smaller stores. You can always check Walmart’s website ahead of time to see if they have any in stock near you.

5. Whole Foods Market

While not as widespread as Walmart, Whole Foods Market does offer clean incense sticks that are not full of toxins. Because of their clean nature–and the fact that it’s Whole Foods–expect to pay a premium for simple scents.

Like Walmart, not every Whole Foods will carry the same selection or any at all. If you head to your local store, check-in the natural bath and beauty supplies.

You can use this link to see if Whole Foods has any incense sticks near you.

You Have Plenty of Options for Where To Buy Incense

The only real answer to “where to buy incense” is the location that you want to support and is convenient. Here at Opulent Charms, we try to shop at our local metaphysical store, but we understand that isn’t always possible, which is why we still shop on Amazon quite often. Shop around until you find the incense you’re looking for.

Need help understanding the scents and their meanings? Check out this article covering 25 different incense and its meanings.

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