7 Best Incense for Cleansing

Whether you’re looking to rid the negative energies from work or bring about peace throughout the home, cleansing is an excellent way to refresh yourself. Incense is a great addition to the cleansing process and certain scents tend to do the job better than others. These incense scents include lavender, myrrh, and even pine.

Here are the 7 best incense for cleansing.

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1. Clove

Clove is a traditional incense scent and is one of the most commonly used. Burning clove incense helps cleanse the negative energies around you and is effective at keeping them away.

If you’re working from home like many people are, then you’ll find that clove is an excellent incense scent for you. It will target negative energies that cause you to become unfocused with your work. Try and burn clove incense before you start your workday or right after the workday ends.

2. Cedar

Cedar is an excellent cleansing incense as well. It offers a wood esc scent that isn’t as overpowering as clove. Not everyone’s nose can handle the overly powerful smell of clove.

Most people burn cedar incense when they’ve found negative energies lurking outside the house. Instead of necessarily needing to cleanse the house, you instead need to cleanse the air entering the house. Be sure to burn the cedar incense either near an open window or near the front door for best results.

3. Lavender

Lavender incense offers a double whammy when it comes to cleansing. Not only is it excellent for pushing negative energies out of the house, but it also helps heal any damage those vibes may have caused.

Fun fact of the day, your body does most of its healing and recovering at night. This makes lavender perfect for burning right before bed to ensure that the negative energies don’t affect your sleep. Just be sure to burn through the incense completely before going to bed to avoid any fire hazards.

4. Myrrh

Recently found yourself in an argument with a friend or loved one? When we get into these arguments, we tend to create and carry negative energies with us as we dwell on the issue at hand. Burning myrrh is perfect for these scenarios.

When you burn myrrh, you’re helping cleanse the negative energies that are affecting the communication process with the other person. So before you send that text, give them a call, or see them in person, consider burning myrrh to help both of you out. If they’re okay with it, consider burning the incense while you’re both in the same room.

5. Sandalwood

Did someone cut you off on your way home from work? Was work stressful more than usual? Use lighter sandalwood to help eliminate those stressful events that may be clouding your aura. Heavier scented sandalwoods may not offer the same effects as lighter sandalwoods, as the heavier scents tend to provide more of a meditative and recentering aspect rather than a cleansing aspect.

The purpose of burning sandalwood incense is to bring yourself peace of mind. This helps walk you through the stressful situations and come to the conclusion that they’ve already happened and dwelling serves no purpose. You don’t tend to realize the negative energies that you produce after a negative event and sandalwood can help you realize this and stop producing them.

6. Eucalyptus

Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with negative energies and this may cause us difficulty with breathing. It causes us to overthink and our body forgets how to do its job properly.

This is where eucalyptus comes to the rescue. Eucalyptus incense helps our body release the negative energies in our chest that may be affecting our ability to breathe. Keep in mind that this only refers to overwhelming feelings and not to problems such as allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

7. Pine

Pine isn’t an incense you should burn year-round, as it may cause an increase in uncomfortableness. Ideally, you’ll want to burn pine incense in the fall and winter while it’s colder out. If you live somewhere that’s cold for most of the spring, you can opt to burn it then as well.

Pine tends to cleanse well but it creates a very warm and homely vibe. This warm feeling may be uncomfortable during the hot seasons, which is why we recommend only burning it while it’s cold outside. But when it’s cold out, nothing beats the cleansing abilities of pine.

Use These Incense for Cleansing To Bring New Life Into Your Home

By using these incense for cleansing, you can help rid the negative energies weighing you and your home down. Remember that sometimes you need to focus on ridding yourself of the negative energies before they can leave the house. No amount of incense cleansing will help if you don’t tackle the negative energy at the source.

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