25 Best and Useful Incense Burners to Add to Your Collection

Whether you’re just starting your incense journey or you’re looking to spruce up your meditation room with a new incense decor piece, you’ll need an incense burner before you burn any incense. Incense holders will vary from simple wooden planks to intricate centerpieces for your living room.

There are plenty of different ways to burn incense, ranging from incense sticks to incense powder. Determine what type of incense you like the most and that should help you determine which of these 25 incense burners is the best option for you.

Our team tests, researches, and carefully curates all our recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive commission on purchases made from our links at no additional cost to you.

1. LamDawn – Ceramic Incense Burner 3-in-1

Best Overall Incense Holder

Whether it’s incense cones, incense sticks, or incense coils, the LamDawn Ceramic Incense Burner does it all. With clear instructions as well. No matter how you’re looking to start your incense journey, you won’t go wrong by picking up one of their incense holders.

Not only are they extremely functional, but they also have a wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from. They’re lightweight but still provide a metal top, making it sturdy and ready for plenty of incense use.

2. Folkulture – Incense Holder for Incense Sticks

Best Incense Stick Burner

Wide enough to catch all of the ash as well as the fact that you can burn multiple incense sticks at a time, the Folkulture Incense Holder for Incense Sticks takes the spot as the best incense stick burner.

Not only does it provide plenty of colors to choose from, but it’s also a handmade piece. If you’re looking to just start burning incense sticks for the first time, start here.

3. Govinda – 5-Inch Wooden Incense Cone Burner

Best Incense Cone Burner

Simple, easy to use, and classic, the Govinda 5-Inch Wooden Temple Incense Cone Burner is the best option for those who are looking to burn incense cones for the first time. It’s easy to clean and really adds to the meditation vibe that a lot of incense is used for.

While it does allow you to close the incense in and allow for smoke patterns to form as it comes out of the carved holes, it’s still susceptible to smothering out with the lid closed. Try not to slam the lid either, as it could damage the hinges.

4. YAJODI – Ceramic Dragon Backflow Incense Holder

Best Dragon Incense Holder

YAJODI’s Ceramic Dragon Backflow Incense Holder offers a great dragon incense burner as well as provides a ton of supplies to get you started. You’ll receive everything from an incense mat to plenty of starter incense cones and sticks.

On top of those items, you’ll also receive carrying bags for incense cones and a pair of tweezers. And let’s not forget the fact that it comes to a tiny light-up crystal ball in the middle. Truly rounding out the mystical feel of the dragon.

5. Kingsglen – Ceramics Waterfall Incense Burner

Best Backflow Incense Burner

The Kingsglen Ceramics Waterfall Incense Burner takes the top spot for the best backflow incense burner. Its small size and relatively large smoke pathways allow for the best possible results for creating a smoke waterfall.

With that being said, it’s still susceptible to ventilation causing the smoke to dissipate before reaching the bottom. You’ll need to experiment in your home to find the most suitable area for backflow incense burners.

6. Fasolahome – Marble Incense Burner

Best Marble Incense Holder

Few and far between, marble incense burners are perfect for those modern homes that love black and white marble. Whether it’s in the entryway or the kitchen, the Fasolahome Marble Incense Burner is perfect for complimenting the rest of the room it’s in.

One of the few incense holders on this list that provides you with a multi-incense holder for sticks. While you can theoretically burn up to nine incense, you should stick to no more than three to avoid unnecessary fire risks.

7. Divine Store – Divine Tree Man Backflow Cone Incense Burner

Best Light Up Incense Burner

Add a little fun to your incense-burning routine with the Divine Store Tree Man Backflow Light Up Incense Burner. This Ent lights up its open mouth and makes it look like something straight out of a fairytale as the smoke flows in from the backflow incense cone.

This little glimpse of mysticism does require AA batteries. So be sure to have some on hand to fully enjoy this product. Preferably rechargeable ones to help reduce your environmental impact.

8. Attar Mist – Incense Burner Frankincense Resin Burner

Best Frankincense Resin Burner

Whether it’s to use as a tool for smudging or setting it at the center of an altar, the Attar Mist Incense Burner Frankincense Resin Burner is a great ornamental piece that also provides functionality.

This rather decorative piece gives a sense of luxury but makes it convenient to still carry around while smudging, as it’s made of resin. You should still be careful while carrying it around so you don’t spill ash or pose a fire risk to the home.

9. Govinda – Wooden Coffin Incense Burner

Best Wood Box Incense Burner

Enjoy the sight of smoke patterns in an enclosed incense cone box but want it to last longer? The Govinda Wooden Coffin Incense Burner is the perfect choice for you then. As it burns incense sticks in an enclosed space, rather than incense cones.

Like any closed-off space, if there’s not enough oxygen delivered to the incense, it might smother itself off. It’s also easy for the lack of wind to stoke the embers and causes it to die off as well. It might take some time to find the right conditions in your house for you to fully utilize this incense burner.

10. Cacukap – Gnome Incense Holder for Sticks and Cones

Best Unique Incense Holder

Not all incense burners need to be based around meditation or spirituality. Some can be for fun! Just like the Cacukap Gnome Incense Holder for Sticks and Cones.

This little gnome makes a unique incense holder gift, as it blows the smoke out of its ears and mouth. While it does come with an incense stick holder, keep a mat underneath as the gnome does not catch its ashes as they fall.

11. EsotericOdyssey – Brass Resin/Loose Incense/Tea Candle Burner

Best Tea Candle Incense Burner

Tea candle incense burners give you the sense of feeling as if you’re in the 1920s with the way they operate. EsotericOdyssey’s Brass Resin/Loose Incense Tea Candle Burner hits the styling just right with its all-brass design.

Because of the design of tea candle incense burners, they can never burn too much incense at any given time. Start with as little loose incense as possible at first and work your way up as you learn your tea candle incense burner.

12. MyLifeUNIT – Mosquito Coil Holder

Best Incense Coil Holder

Incense has been long used as a repellent for pesky mosquitoes. Especially lemongrass. MyLifeUNIT’s Mosquito Coil Holder is a classic and simplistic option for burning your first incense coils, even if you’re not using it for mosquitos.

Not only can they rest on a patio table or on the ground, but they also have little hooks that would allow you to hang them. Though the hooks are not centered, so it’s best to use a relatively thick item to hold the incense burner in place.

13. OMBRĒ HOME – Lotus Waterfall Incense Burner

Best Flower Incense Holder

The majority of flower or lotus incense holders only allow you to burn incense sticks. The OMBRĒ HOME Lotus Waterfall Incense burner brings together the fact that you can burn normal incense cones, backflow incense cones, as well as incense sticks.

The piece has a sense of elegance, which also tends to make it a talking piece for when you have guests over. Because the incense stick area isn’t particularly large, we do recommend only using small incense sticks.

14. GeistBlitz – Backflow Home Decor Incense Burner

Best Desk Incense Burner

The tranquility of a backflow incense burner paired with the fact that you can burn three different types of incense types on the GeistBlitz Backflow Home Decor Incense Burner makes it the perfect desk piece.

You can burn backflow incense cones, incense coils, and incense sticks. While the majority of backflow incense products allow for incense cones and sticks, very few offer the ability to burn incense coils. Which some people note has a more calming effect of watching it slowly burn in circles.

15. CaliforniaIncense – Engraved Glass Tower Incense Burner

Best Upsidedown Incense Burner

Hanging incense sticks are a great way to condense the ash into one area, but they can still blow all over the place. The Engraved Glass Tower Incense Burner from CaliforniaIncense combines convenience with style and awe.

Not only does the glass tower catch all of the incense ash, but it also produces an eye-catching smoke show in the tower itself. You can fully customize your tower with the color and engraving from the options they offer.

16. MIRCTRI – SHDream Electric Incense Burner

Best Electric Incense Burner


Electric incense burners are perfect for when you’re on the go and want something that runs off of battery rather than using a lighter. The MIRCTRI SHDream Electric Incense Burner fits that mold. It uses a rechargeable battery and is perfect for cleansing areas that pose an extra fire safety risk.

Do take note that electric incense holders only handle specific types of incense such as loose, wood, or specific incense cones to function properly. They will not burn incense sticks.

17. Calmveda Store – Rosewood Incense Holder for Sticks

Best Multistick Incense Holder

Sometimes, you simply need more than one incense burning at a time to really cleanse the negative energies in an area. The Rosewood Incense Holder for Sticks not only lets you burn two incense sticks at a time, but also has a spit for incense cones.

This multipurpose incense holder also comes with an adjustable block to place the incense sticks. Allowing for easy adjustment to the size of your incense sticks. That way, the incense ash always falls down into the tray.

18. U/D – Incense Holder for Sticks w/Gemstones

Best Crystal Incense Holder

For those who have crystals scattered everywhere around the home or office, you can combine incense with crystals with the U/D Incense Holder for Sticks w/Gemstones. They tend to follow the characteristics of a “money tree”, but it doesn’t necessarily mean these crystals and gemstones coincide with the meaning of wealth and prosperity.

These crystals are glued down to the plate itself, making washing it easy. Though you should be aware that not all gemstones or even the glue will hold up well against extended periods of hot water.

19. WANLECY – Backflow Incense Holder with LED Light

Best Lamp Incense Holder

The WANLECY Backflow Incense Holder with LED Light doubles as a lamp for a nightstand or coffee table as well as an incense burner. You have the option to burn both backflow incense cones or incense sticks. This piece would also do well when added to a spiritual or meditation room.

20. NAGU – Small Frog Incense Holder

Best Cute Animal Incense Burner

Need something cute to spruce up a coffee table, dining room, or side table? This cute Small Frog Incense Holder from NAGU is a perfect addition to a lot of different areas of the home. It should get some bonus points if you’re a fan of frogs. The little frog sits on top of a lilypad, which can also make it a great fit for areas with a lot of greenery.

21. Mudra Crafts – Tibetan Incense Burner

Best Hanging Incense Burner

Hanging incense burners are perfect for hanging over altars and cleansing spiritual rooms. Mudra Crafts’ Tibetan Incense Burner combines a feeling of being in a temple with an elegant design. Though you can also hang this in a meditation room or out on the porch if you enjoy burning incense outside as well.

22. The Noble Collection – Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit) Smaug Incense Burner

Best Novelty Incense Burner

If you love to collect items from your favorite movie, then you’ll be interested to see The Hobbit’s Smaug Incense Burner. Smaug blows the smoke out of its mouth while sitting on a pile of gold coins, similar to the movie. This product does claim to be officially licensed, so if you’re looking to expand on a Lord of the Rings collection, this will fulfill both the incense burner and novelty requirements you seek.

23. Zeneygifts – Misty Mountain Backflow Incense Burner Lamp

Best Centerpiece Incense Burner

Zeneygifts’ Misty Mountain Backflow Incense Burner Lamp is much more than simply an incense holder. This piece of decor functions more as a centerpiece on a TV stand or coffee table. It’s tranquil and provides enough light to complement reading throughout the night. The mountains offer a sense of zen and the smoke from the incense often makes it look like the mountains are surrounded by clouds.

24. CERAMICdesignSHOP – Ceramic Oven Home Decor Incense Burner

Best Decor Incense Burner

Bring a lovely decoration and an incense burner with the CERAMICdesignSHOP’s Ceramic Over Home Decor Incense Burner. This cute little wood fire-esc oven burner adds a sense of coziness while still allowing you to cleanse the air of negative energies. The lovely sight of this incense burner may help cleanse the area that much more effectively.

We don’t make any promises about it actually cooking anything. Though it may function well has a little hand warmer on cold days!

25. AntiquesFromAsia – Antique Dorje Top Dragon Crafted Incense Box Burner

Best Anqitue Incense Burner

Let’s be honest, this Antique Dorje Top Dragon Incense Box Burner from AntiquesFromAsia is a one-of-a-kind piece of history. It’s a great combination of luxury and elegance, made with Tibetan Silver and Copper. But there’s only one, as it is an antique. Their store does feature a wide variety of antique incense burners, but there’s only ever one of them.

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