11 Love Spell Candles to Improve Your Relationship

Love spell candles can help to improve your relationship and manifest positive emotions between you and your chosen. Let’s get real though, love spell candles won’t magically make someone love you. That’s honestly not entirely ethical anyway. However, it can build an intention and help with the manifestation of the desired outcome. And with that being said, we can proceed to the candles! (Thankfully there are tons of candles made for spellwork and witchcraft from popular retailers.)

Ahead, browse the 11 best love spell candles to stimulate your love life, put a little more oomph into your relationship, and encourage a positive connection with your partner.

Our team tests, researches, and carefully curates all our recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive commission on purchases made from our links at no additional cost to you.

1. Love & Attraction Spell Kit for Romance

Best Overall

The Love & Attraction Spell Kit for Romance is the best love spell candle option currently available in our opinion. It comes with the Love & Attraction candle, bath salts, herb-infused oil, and incense sticks. This complete kit is well-rounded and high quality. You can do a complete love spell ritual without needing to purchase any other ingredients which is what we like best about this product.

2. Fire of Love Triple Strength Binding Apple Candle Kit

Best Splurge

The Fire of Love Candle Kit by Victoria Rey gives you everything you need to conduct a love spell ritual all in one package. This makes it less splurge and more value in all honesty. It comes with an apple candle, male figure, female figure, and the necessary powders, oils, and herbs, along with instructions. Essentially everything you’ll need besides a lighter.

The candle might be a hit or miss on evenly burning which can be a problem but it throws a lovely scent. This is a good option for someone who has never completed candle spellwork.

The one major drawback of this kit is that it is geared toward heterosexual couples and has no option for LGBTQ couples.

3. Come to Me Candle Kit

Best Spell Kit

The Come to Me Candle Kit, another product by Victoria Rey, is an all-inclusive spell kit. It covers all the bases of candle magic from inscribing to burning. The kit comes with a capsule of herbs, powders, sugar, and oil consecrated by the maker. The specifics of the contents aren’t given, however.

The intent of this specific candle kit is to bring two people together and to sweeten a relationship. The idea with this candle shape is that the two flames will come together signifying unification.

4. Crystal Journey Candle Pillar Love

Best Pillar Candle

Crystal Journey is a common brand of spell candle makers. These are some of the ones I often purchase from my local metaphysical shop. The candle for love is a pink candle with a rose, clove, and lavender scent. What I like in particular about this candle is the recommendations for how to burn it. For example, they recommend you combine the love candle with the harmony candle to find a good roommate. Similarly, I would suggest burning their love and healing together if you want to work on improving an existing relationship that has suffered.

5. Wish Candle

Best Blessed Candle

The wish candle has been blessed by real monks. This candle is meant to strengthen communication and solve problems in existing relationships. I love that it has been consecrated by monks with extensive offerings. They also offer a general meditation that can be followed on their website while burning this candle.

6. Come to Me Candle for Love

Best Pink Love Candle

Come to Me Candle for Love is a 6-ounce pink candle that is honeysuckle, jasmine, and ginger infused. This comes pre-dressed so you don’t have to do anything but burn it.

Fun fact, Art of the Root sourced their wax from American-grown soybeans if that’s important to you.

7. Deadly Attraction

Best for Inspiring Potent Desire

Art of the Root calls this their most intense desire and seduction candle. This goes beyond a measly pink love candle, this candle is all about serious desire (hence the name). It’s made with cinnamon, vanilla, hibiscus, and other herbs for a delicious scent that could act as an aphrodisiac all on its own.

8. Adam and Eve Couple Candle from CircuitOffice

Best for New Love

This couple-figure candle is meant to inspire new love and intensify love. It will burn for roughly 8 to 10 hours. This candle can be dressed however you’d like as it doesn’t come pre-dressed. This could be a pro or con depending upon the user.

9. Fall in Lust with Me Spell Candle

Best for Seduction

The Fall in Lust With Me Spell Candle is a male and female facing one another in dark red. It burns for roughly four hours and is made with paraffin wax. This is an excellent candle to burn when setting intentions to inspire lust in a relationship or between two people. You’ll want to burn this on a saucer plate like the one from Northern Lights Candles. and will need to dress it yourself with oils, herbs, and inscriptions.

10. Follow Me Boy

Best for Commitment

Another candle from the Art of the Root store, Follow Me Boy is a pink candle with jasmine and rose. This candle focuses on commitment and fidelity. It’s excellent for use when trying to build upon an established relationship. This is a lighter candle and isn’t meant to feed into encouraging feelings of lust or passion.

This candle has a lovely smell and burns evenly. The biggest complaints focus on the candle not necessarily working. However, that indicates a need to look inward. No candle on this list or otherwise will do all the work for you.

11. Romance Candle by New Moon Beginnings

Best Tealights

Tealights are an excellent way to do quick candle magic. I particularly love the New Moon Beginning’s Romance Candle. The set comes with six tealights but the brand also carries a 7.5-ounce glass jar, 8-ounce metal tin, and 12-ounce glass jar option. These are a soy wax candle with notes of lavender and amber.

These little tealight candles are beautiful, dressed with rhodonite, garnet, rose petals, and other herbs and crystals.

These are versatile candles that can be used for rituals targeting romantic love as well as self-love.

The tealights have a four to six-hour burn time per candle.

Make Your Own Love Spell Candle

In many ways, making your own love spell candle to practice candle magic will feel more intentional and encourage you to be more immersed in the spellcraft than buying one off the shelf but either option is completely valid. If you want to DIY your love spell candle rather than purchase one off-shelf, you’ll need to gather a few ingredients.

Start with red candles as these indicate lust, love, and passion (all things you’d want to inspire with your spell). You can go the pillar candle route with red pillar candles. These burn for longer periods of time and can useful for spellwork over a series of days. (Just remember to never leave a candle unattended!) For shorter spells, using a chime candle like the ones found in the Witchcraft Supplies Kit from Primevolve is an excellent option. This kit comes with additional candle colors, herbs, paper for writing intentions, and crystal chips which will be useful if you intend to do spellwork beyond one love spell.

If you want to take less of the passion and lust route and more the joy and partnership route then opt for a pink candle.

You’ll want to use anointing oils and herbs to dress the candle. You can learn more about the process in our guide to candle magic. However, for the purpose of this article, we’ll simply touch on the types of herbs and anointing oils best used for love spell candles. (Note: You should do your research ahead of anointing and dressing your spell candles to ensure you aren’t creating a fire hazard.)

The best herbs to use for love spell candles include:

  • Basil
  • Bay
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Passionflower
  • Juniper

The best anointing oils to use for love spell candles include:

  • Rose
  • Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Patchouli
  • Geranium
  • Grapefruit

You can also purchase oil blends from various retailers for this purpose. A brand I like to turn to for this sort of thing is Art of the Root. They have a love and attraction oil set that comes with their blends Come to Me, Love & Attraction, and Irresistible Me. These also are available as candles and in spell kits.

Use what calls to you and do your research to come up with a custom love spell candle. Personally, I love going this route because it’s completely custom to you in that moment.

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