5 Aesthetic Incense Waterfall Holders

Incense can be calming and aesthetically pleasing in your home. The gentle wafting of smoke up from a burning incense stick is a nice visual. However, if you’re after something even more pleasing to the eyes, you’ll want to look at backflow burners, specifically incense waterfall holders. These incense burners create the visual effect of a waterfall (hence the name) and are often designed to appear as landscapes where water is falling or smoke is wafting through an area.

Check out these 5 aesthetic incense waterfall holders.

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1. SPACEKEEPER Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall

Best Overall Waterfall Burner

The SPACEKEEPER Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall is an incense burner that creates a beautiful waterfall effect. It can be used to burn both cones and sticks. This set comes with 7 different incense fragrances for you to get started burning right away, including jasmine, green tea, apple, sandalwood, osmanthus, lavender, and rose. Of those, I think green tea and apple are the most interesting and least common incense scents you’ll find.

PROS: This waterfall incense burner comes with everything you need to get started as soon as you unbox it. It comes with 120 backflow cones and 30 incense sticks. This waterfall incense burner comes in five gorgeous colors including blue, navy, black, red, and brown. (Red and blue are our favorites!)

CONS: The cones that come with this set aren’t the best quality and don’t have the best scent. I wouldn’t depend upon the ones that come with the waterfall burner. In fact, have some backups on hand if possible if you plan to use the burner immediately.

2. Kingsglen Ceramics Waterfall Incense Burner

Best Small Burner

The Kingsglen Ceramics Waterfall Incense burner is a small burner with a spot for both a backflow cone and an incense stick. It creates the visual of a waterfall dropping into a koi pond complete with two koi fish swimming. This creates a relaxing visual that will make any space more meditative.

PROS: This is a visually appealing burner and it isn’t too large in size. It is easy to clean and is the perfect gift.

CONS: Just as the size may be a plus for some, it could be a drawback for others. This is a rather small burner and will not work as a larger statement piece. The koi may become unstuck from the base over time and may need to be glued back. You’ll also find the scents of incense that come with this set are hit and miss for scents.

3. Jueison Backflow Incense Burner Cactus-Like Waterfall

Best for Gift-Giving

This is maybe the most adorable backflow incense burner I’ve ever seen. This cactus backflow burner is perfect for making any space a bit cuter while enjoying the benefits of burning incense.

PROS: The unique design makes this burner an excellent gift.

CONS: It only comes in one color–a blue-green that fades down into a dark shade of brown. The cones that come with these are low quality.

4. ComSaf Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner

Best for Cones and Sticks

Unlike many other backflow incense burners which show a waterfall, the ComSaf Waterfall Backflow Incense burner creates a foggy mountain range look. It has a place to burn both backflow cones and incense sticks.

PROS: Unique design gives a change from a waterfall effect to a foggy mountain effect. It’s a smaller size and doesn’t take up much space at all.

CONS: Difficult to get it working with the AC on. May have to close all vents or shut off the AC altogether. (This means you need to be particularly careful about opening windows to encourage ventilation.)

5. OCIOLI Incense Burner Backflow Tower

Best for Meditation

This unique design comes in blue or green and features a Buddha monk and backflow incense waterfall. It would look nice in a yoga or meditation room. These are handcrafted incense burners using high-quality ceramics

PROS: This is a unique design for a burner and can add to a space’s aesthetics. It’s small and takes up little space but is taller than some other burners, so bear that in mind when purchasing.

CONS: There’s a hole in the bottom of the incense that you will need to clean under to avoid damage to furniture. It’s also quite sensitive to airflow so you’ll likely need to turn off fans while using it.

What You’ll Need For Your Incense Waterfalls

Your incense waterfall burner will require specific incense: backflow incense. We recommend purchasing a set like the OTOFY Backflow Incense Cones for a variety of scents that are higher quality than what is often packaged with the burners. Without backflow incense, you will not be able to create a waterfall or flowing look with the smoke as the smoke will rise up into the air instead of falling down.

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