How Many Oracle Cards Should I Pull?

The number of oracle cards you pull will come down to your chosen spread. Oracle spreads will require a specific number of cards for each question or situation represented, which can range from one to as many as 10 (or more).

With a large spread, like the Celtic cross, you’ll pull 10 cards. This is one of the larger spreads. On the opposite end of the spectrum, one-card spreads are common for short readings and as the name suggests only require one card to be pulled.

Picking How Many Oracle Cards to Pull

How many oracle cards you pull during a reading will directly correlate to how long your reading will last. If you’re looking for a quick and easy oracle card reading then you should opt for a one-card spread. However, if you’re on the opposite end and you’re ready to tuck into a long and introspective reading then you can go with one of the larger spreads.

How Many Oracle Cards to Pull a Day

Often people will begin their day with a one-card spread that sets their tone and focus for the day. However, you can actually pull too many oracle cards in a day. If you’re consulting the cards on one situation multiple times in a single day then you’re likely to get diluted answers that are unclear. Try to only do a single oracle card spread each day for the same question.

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