30 Pendulum Yes or No Questions You Can Ask

Yes or no questions are the basic of basic questions that you can ask your pendulum. Pendulum yes or no questions will range from simple questions such as “Am I on the right career path?” to “Have I crossed paths with my soulmates?”. Asking direct questions that directly correlate with people or are too specific falls under questions you shouldn’t ask your pendulum.

Here are 30 yes or no pendulum questions you can ask at any time. Each section has it’s own list of yes or no questions you can ask, so it may be quicker to scroll to the heading with your query in mind.

Yes or No Pendulum Questions for Love

Yes or no questions about love can be finicky but also help us make decisions about our feelings. When we’re asking questions to the pendulum, it’s best to keep the question broad, but still narrowed down to your situation.

For instance, you may have a potential partner you’re not sure whether to move forward with. Instead of asking “Is __ the right person for me?”, you should rather ask “Have I met the person who will fulfill my love yet?”. While the pendulum can answer those specific types of questions, it may not be the right question in general. The pendulum may answer “Is ___ the right person for me?” with a yes, but in reality, they’re only the right person for character growth.

Here are some other yes or no pendulum questions you can ask:

  1. Have I met the person who will fulfill my love yet?
  2. Is it time I focused on myself rather than someone else?
  3. Does my soulmate know who I am?
  4. Is 20XX the year I fall in love?
  5. Will someone fall in love with me in 20XX?
  6. Is my current romance worth fostering?
  7. Have I found a healthy relationship?
  8. Do I put in as much effort as my partner?

Of course, those are just examples and everyone’s love and romantic life is a little different. Remember, try to narrow down the situation first and then avoid the specific questions.

Yes or No Questions About Careers to Ask Your Pendulum

Careers are often the lifeblood of individuals. It makes up who we are and how we can tackle life. That’s why yes and no questions about careers should never be considered lightly when asking them.

It’s best to ask questions along the lines of “Am I in the right career field?”, rather than questions that may lead to drastic decisions such as “Should I quit my job tomorrow?”. As the pendulum may take your inner energies and decisions into consideration and provide you with an answer you’re not necessarily prepared for.

Good yes or no questions to ask your pendulum about your career include:

  1. Does my current workplace create negative energies?
  2. Does my current career fulfill me spiritually?
  3. Will staying at my current job impact me negatively?
  4. Is my current position all I’ll accomplish?
  5. Should I put in extra effort for work today?
  6. Should I keep it casual with my work clothing today?
  7. Do I present myself in a positive manner to my coworkers?
  8. Is Friday a good day to invite coworkers out to eat?

Pendulum Yes or No Questions on Lifestyle Choices

Now, lifestyle yes or no questions for pendulums can get more specific, but you should make sure to do so in a healthy way. Asking questions such as “Am I working out enough?” isn’t specific enough, as the pendulum may not know what exactly you’re looking to accomplish. Instead, you should aim for questions such as “Am I working out enough to burn fat?”.

Lifestyle questions also bring in things such as money or being social with friends. So there’s quite a bit of range when it comes to options, so we’ll try to narrow it down to situations that most people will deal with it, such as:

  1. Is a lifestyle change in my future?
  2. Do I show enough appreciation to my friends as they show me?
  3. Should I take a look at how I’m spending my finances?
  4. Does my body feel I’m eating with it in mind?
  5. Am I working out enough to build my muscle?
  6. Do I need to go out with friends more?
  7. Does my current lifestyle fulfill me spiritually?

Pendulum Yes or No Questions to Ask About Education

Education plays a major role in our life. Whether it’s from the time we enter high school or taking on a graduate degree to further our career. Yes or no questions for education can alter your life drastically, so make sure you’re in tune with your energies before asking any questions.

Pendulum questions for education should be a little more specific than other questions so that your pendulum knows exactly what you’re asking. For instance, instead of asking “Should I take five classes?”, you should instead ask “Can I handle taking (insert name of five classes) all in one semester?”.

Other yes or no questions you can ask related to education include:

  1. Can I handle (insert number and name of classes) this semester?
  2. Will my major fulfill me mentally and spiritually?
  3. Am I only seeking this career for the money?
  4. Should I spend extra time studying tonight before my test?
  5. Should I contact the teacher about this grade I don’t agree with?
  6. Will going back to school bring me more benefits than negatives?
  7. Will my career path benefit from furthering my education?


How do you know if your pendulum is saying yes or no?

When you first purchase your pendulum, you’ll need to perform a ceremony to determine what direction is yes and what direction is no with your pendulum. This is done by telling the pendulum “show me yes” and “show me no”.

Keep in mind what direction the pendulum swings in and then start asking away. It’s best to utilize a pendulum board to easily see answers and even ask more specific questions.

How do pendulums work?

Pendulums work by aligning with one’s self and asking direct questions. This is known as a dowsing ritual. Before starting a dowsing ritual, you should always ask the pendulum to show you your yes and no positions, as they can change from time to time.

What doe sit mean when a pendulum swings back and forth?

When the pendulum starts swinging back and forth, that’s when it’s providing you with an answer to your question. Pendulum boards are set up so that the same answer appears on both sides of the board, giving you one straightforward answer.

How do pendulums answer questions?

Pendulums answer questions by connecting to your internal desires and energies through a dowsing ritual. Because a pendulum is simplistic in nature, you’re meant to only ask questions that have a yes or no answer.

For those with a more intuitive pendulum board, pendulum divination can also be used to narrow down months, days, and even moon cycles.

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