14 Different Types of Pendulum Materials

A pendulum is an excellent tool to help us answer questions, give direction, or even give meaning to different parts of our lives. But there are several different types of pendulum materials out there, with each providing a different purpose. These pendulums can range from a simple Black Obsidian pendulum to a personal item related to the subject you have questions about.

Here are 14 different types of pendulum materials and how to choose the right one for you.

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Metals are often used for pendulums because of their ability to intertwine themselves with our energies. They don’t necessarily cleanse or protect as certain crystals do but instead hone in on how we’re feeling.

This is useful for pendulums, as their main purpose is to help us answer our questions. When the metals hone into our energies, they help create more realistic answers to the situation. This in turn gives us our truest intentions.

1. Copper

Copper is widely used for its ability to conduct naturally with energy. It’s widely available and often affordable when compared to other materials such as silver or gold. Because of this reason, this is often the first type of metal pendulum we recommend trying.

2. Brass

Brass pendants are more common than most people tend to realize and the metal actually stems from copper. Often, these pendants are plated with gold or silver, thus giving it the illusion that it’s a higher-end material. But brass itself is an excellent pendulum and is found to be most useful for those that need help answering questions that revolve around healing.

Healing can include bouncing back from a break-up, finding closure in loss, or healing your spiritual energy. If you’re asking your pendulum board any question along those lines, this is the pendulum for you.

3. Bronze

Bronze is another offshoot of copper but tends to be sturdier than the other two previously mentioned. This makes bronze a perfect pendulum for when you need to ask hard-hitting questions. These questions will revolve around serious decisions that may very well have life-altering effects.

Bronze also tends to have more protective properties as well. So if you’re feeling unsure or vulnerable from the decision at hand, bronze may aid you.

4. Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is considered the metal from the Moon. It’s perfect for interacting with the light and happy side of our energies. For this reason, most people will use a sterling silver pendulum when they’re looking for help with major decisions that are meant to bring about happiness. Certain things that people may use a sterling silver pendulum for include:

  • Picking what new car to buy
  • Deciding where to have a nice dinner
  • Choosing the right outfit for a party

5. Gold

Gold pendulums are considered pure pendulums. If you’re worried there are outside energies influencing the outcome of your answers with other pendulums, then you’ll want to opt for a gold pendulum. They are the most conducive when it comes to intertwining with our energies, but they often come with the highest cost.

While gold pendulums often have a high price tag, they do tend to hold up the best over the years, making it a solid investment.


Crystal pendulums are often used when you’re looking for specific intentions while asking your pendulum for direction, advice, or answers. Certain crystals are in tune with certain energies.

For instance, rose quartz is a better cleansing crystal and is perfect for answering questions after a long day of negativity. While other crystal pendulums such as emeralds are more aligned with monetary decisions.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an excellent beginner crystal pendulum. It’s abundant and has great capabilities when it comes to tuning in with our raw emotions. It makes for a great pendulum since it tends to listen to us better than we do sometimes.
Negative energies influencing the answers from the pendulum are often warded off thanks to rose quarts. For best results, consider wearing your pendulum as a necklace for at least an hour before using it to answer your questions.

7. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a great crystal pendulum for when you feel lost from negative emotions and energies. This crystal tends to align with our root chakra, helping us ground to the world when things start to swirl a little too much.

Consider using a black obsidian pendulum when you want answers for the future. When used for future questions, black obsidian tends to be realistic and straightforward, rather than protective and vague. You may need to face hard truths, but it tends to be for the better.

8. Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful blue crystal pendulum is better known as Lapis Lazuli. It’s known for its wisdom-carrying properties and its ability to shine some wisdom on questions. This makes it another great option for when you need straightforward answers.

Lapis Lazuli tends to be favored when you’re asking questions related to intellect or work. If you’re unsure of what to study or what to do with your career, then you should use a lapis lazuli pendulum to help come to the conclusion you’re looking for.

9. Aquamarine

Aquamarine pendulums are the best option for when you’re looking to move on. Whereas black obsidian and lapis lazuli both tend to favor the future and its questions, aquamarine pendulums help with questions pertaining to the past.

If there’s a friend who hurt you or something that’s happened which has been causing you to relive the scenario, then it’s time to use aquamarine. This is in thanks to its name, which stems from water, which water is known for its cleansing properties.

10. Amethyst

Amethyst is another general crystal pendulum you can use whenever you see fit. This crystal focuses on dealing with the anxiety associated with asking the questions that we tend to avoid. Things that don’t necessarily plague us every day, as they’re easy to push off, but enough to always try to do anything else besides getting to the bottom of the problem at hand.

If there’s something you’re avoiding, wear your amethyst crystal throughout the day so it gives you a sense of calm and serenity. When you’re ready, utilize the pendulum with your pendulum board. Afterward, you should feel calm and relaxed now that the issue at hand has at least come to a resolution.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items refer to any item that you deem fit to be a pendulum. This can be something commonly used such as a key, or something intricate that reflects the questions you’re asking your pendulum board.

11. Beads

While beads are often made of plastic or wood, they’re still a common material used for pendulums. Beads are often special pendulums that you use for everyday uses, as these pendulums are customizable to the colors and feelings you want to invoke.

You will likely want to cleanse this pendulum after each use though. These types of pendulums are typically best at absorbing the energies around you but will hold onto them until properly cleansed.

12. Keys

Keys are often used as a backup pendulum because they’re made out of brass or copper more than likely. They also tend to already have a point, so it helps give pretty honest answers.

13. Trinkets

Trinkets refer to any item that you think could double as a pendulum. For instance, if you’re a writer stuck on a scene and have a question relating to it, maybe you’ll want to use a pen instead of a traditional pendulum. This is pretty open to interpretation, but as long as it’s somewhat pointy and it stays within one answer at a time, give it a try.

14. Stones

While crystals are stones, you could use any stone you see fit to act as a pendulum. Some people like to utilize a new stone from outside every time they want to ask a question, as it’s pure and unadulterated from being in your home or on you. Like other trinkets though, you’ll want to make sure that it has enough of a point or at least small enough that it only hovers over one answer at a time.

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