What Questions Should You Avoid Asking a Pendulum

Pendulum questions are based on receiving direct answers such as “yes” and “no”. Questions you shouldn’t ask your pendulum include those that are open to interpretation such as “what does my future hold for me”. Beyond open-ended questions, you’ll also want to avoid questions that you should otherwise have the ability to answer, as you could become reliant on the pendulum for every question thrown your way.

Remember one key component of pendulum divination though. While your pendulum answers questions, you still need to make decisions. Here are some examples of what questions to not ask a pendulum.

Questions Not to Ask for Romance

The string attached to two souls can be finicky. Things get twisted and cut and that makes romance that much more difficult. While the pendulum is often excellent for helping you decipher your feelings related to someone, you should be careful when asking the following questions.

  • Is ___ the right person for me?
  • Should I break up with ___?
  • Should I and ___ go out on the 13th?
  • Is the relationship between me and ___ healthy?

These questions are relatively specific because you’re adding names to the mix. Try to avoid names altogether when asking your pendulum questions.

Questions Not to Ask for Lifestyle Choices

Your lifestyle affects everything from what you eat to how often you go out with friends. When asking questions about your lifestyle to your pendulum, try to avoid fads and names as well.

These questions include:

  • Should I try the ___ diet?
  • Am I working out enough?
  • Is going to the club tonight a smart idea?
  • Am I budgeting correctly?

While the energies involved in divination are entwined in our bodies, our bodies still tend to act separately from the energies. For instance, your soul could be content with where you’re at physically while your body needs more work to handle the tasks at hand.

Questions Not to Ask for Careers

Your career affects the majority of your life. Long hours, low pay, and toxic work environments are one of the key sources when it comes to negative and positive energies in our life. Pendulum divination may help us decide the next move to make, but that doesn’t mean we should act on a whim with the questions you ask.

  • Should I quit my job?
  • Is ___ field better than my current field?
  • Do I love what I do for a living?
  • Is the money worth it?

Keep your questions inlined with the energies of the career and workplace you’re currently at. Ask questions such as “Does my current workplace create negative energies?” or “Does my current career fulfill me spiritually?”

Questions Not to Ask for Education

Education correlates with careers and lifestyles. Asking too specific of questions may completely redirect the course of your life. Avoid asking questions that may potentially come back to bite you in the butt.

  • Should I take out student loans?
  • Should I take 5 classes?
  • Should I switch majors?
  • Does this test matter?

Questions You Should Ask

With all those considerations taken into account, there are a few questions you can absolutely ask your pendulum and rely on the answers given. These questions include:

  • Have I crossed paths with my soulmate?
  • Will my major fulfill me?
  • Is a lifestyle change in my future?
  • Will staying at my current job create negative impacts?

What Happens If You Ask the Wrong Questions?

Asking the wrong questions to your pendulum can lead to unfulfilled desires and actions. The Fates may not show you the answers to the questions you’re asking, as they don’t necessarily have the answers at hand.

You also need to take into consideration the fact that if you misread a situation from a bad query, you could face negative consequences throughout all aspects of your life. It’s best to ask questions to a pendulum and write down the questions and answers in a journal afterward. You should reflect on these answers and determine the next best course of action from there.


Can you ask a pendulum anything?

No, you can not ask a pendulum anything, as pendulums are limited to specific answers on situations. Open-ended questions will not give you the answers you’re seeking from the divine.

How do you tell if a pendulum is saying yes or no?

Before you start a pendulum session, you’re going to want to ask the pendulum “show me yes” and “show me no”. Where the pendulum swings in that specific session will tell you where to place your pendulum board.

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