10 Best Incense for Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing your crystals helps to help neutralize your crystals and instill positive energies back into them. This is particularly important with crystals you have just purchased or with crystals that you haven’t cleansed in the last 30 days.

Check out these 10 best incense for cleansing crystals, including cones, sticks, and more.

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1. White Sage by HEM

Best Overall

HEM is a rather popular incense stick brand that is also incredibly affordable. They offer multiple white sage options. White sage is a good option for cleansing crystals because white sage cleanses energies.

We recommend the white sage and palo santo pack as this pack includes an incense burner and 60 sticks of both white sage and palo santo. This is an affordable way to get an incense burner while also buying two versatile incense options.

HEM also offers just their white sage incense sticks in sets of 100. These white sage sticks burn easily and holds a pleasant smell. Most purchasers of HEM have found the scent to be pleasant, an important factor for anyone working with incense.

You can also purchase HEM white sage cones if you’d prefer to burn cones over sticks. However, we find it to be easier to clean crystals using an incense stick rather than a cone.

2. Sandalwood by HEM

Best for Stress

Sandalwood is not only a pleasant scent, it also aids in relieving stress. If you have stressful energies then cleansing your crystals with sandalwood might be the best option. The beautiful light woody scent is a great option.

As always, you want to ensure you’re using an incense that smells pleasant as there are many on the market that have a chemical scent. We’ve always found the HEM incense to produce a nice smell and burn evenly. (Hence why we tend to recommend it quite frequently.) Plus it has a great price point that makes it accessible to most.

For this reason, we recommend the Sandwalwood 120 stick pack by Hem. These sticks are hand-rolled in India. These sticks have 7 inches of incense and are 9 inches long in total.

3. Myrrh by Igneous Products

Best Resin

If you don’t want to burn an incense stick or cone but would prefer to work with resin then myrrh is for you. Most commonly found in resin form, myrrh is great for providing a spiritual connection and clearing negative energies. It is said to help with holding enlightenment. Historically it has been used for healing and spiritual rituals.

Our product recommendation for cleansing crystals with myrrh is the TRUMIRI Resin Incense Variety Pack. This gives you 30g of each fragrance and comes with other scents beyond myrrh. While some who have experience with top-quality myrrh may find this to not be as high-quality as they say, it takes a practiced eye to notice the difference. For the average daily use, this myrrh is a good option.

If you don’t want to use myrrh resin but still want to use this incense then you can purchase an incense stick version from HEM.

4. Patchouli by Gonesh

Best Versatile Incense

If you have a need, patchouli has a solution. Patchouli is an excellent go-to no matter the reason you are cleansing your crystals and no matter the results you’re hoping to achieve. From instilling fearlessness to overcoming lethargic energy, patchouli can help.

For incense that burns clean and gives an earthy, non-chemical scent, go with Gonesh’s Extra Rich Collection Patchouli. They sell them in single packs of 100-sticks, in sets of four packs, or in single 20-stick packs. If you’ve used Gonesh before then you’re better off buying in bulk but if you want to get a taste of what Gonesh has to offer, then their smaller pack of 20 is a good place to start.

5. Copal

Best for Encouraging Positive Change

Copal is a name used for tree resin. This incense type is used to clear negative energies and encourages positive changes. This is commonly available as both incense sticks and resin incense. It is often used for ceremonial purposes and can be used for cleansing crystals.

We recommend using Lots of Zen’s Copal Incense Sticks. These have a one-hour burning time and are 10 inches in length (larger and longer than most sticks). These sticks are said to be better for those who are sensitive or reactive to more chemical-based sticks due to their natural materials. Most either love or hate this brand’s copal incense but they’re worth a try.

6. Citrus

Best for Boosting Energy

If you’re struggling with lethargic or tired energy, citrus is the way to go when it comes to cleansing. Citrus incense may include orange, lime, or lemon scents.

Tracking down citrus incense isn’t as easy as locating nag champa, palo santo, and sandalwood. When you want to cleanse and promote energetic feelings, go for one of these incense options:

7. Jasmine

Best for Treating Healing Crystals

Jasmine is often used in healing and is, therefore, a go-to for helping to cleanse those crystals often used for healing purposes. These crystals may include citrine, carnelian, and amethyst.

Our jasmine incense recommendation is Raajsee’s Egyptian Jasmine Natural Incense Sticks. The incense sticks by Raajsee are 100% natural and hand-rolled in India using Indian traditional techniques. These sticks are roughly 8.5 inches and have a burn time of roughly 45 minutes. They include honey, herbs, natural resins, spices, dried flowers, aromatic wood powder, natural essential oils, and charred coconut powder in their blends. This results in an absence of any unpleasant chemical smells that come with lower-quality incense. The burning agent they use is an organic wood powder instead of charcoal which will prevent any black smoke during burning.

8. Palo Santo

Best Traditional Option

We can’t talk about cleansing without talking about palo santo. Palo santo is often sold as natural organic sticks. When you’re purchasing palo santo it’s important to pay close attention to the harvesting method. For this, we recommend going with Luna Sundara’s 100 g. Palo Santo Smudging Sticks. These are sustainably harvested and come with between 10 and 15 sticks.

If you learn more about Luna Sundara and their harvesting process, you’ll see how they use a sustainable harvesting process from Peruvian reserves. They are also National Forest Services and Wildlife (SERFOR) certified. Luna Sundara was co-founded by native Peruvian Sandra Manay and you can learn more about their story on their website.

If you do decide to use palo santo sticks, you’ll want to invest in a palo santo holder as these are thicker than traditional rolled incense sticks and may not fit the incense burner you already own. We like the selection that Luna Sundara offers as well as Bursera’s terracotta holders.

Additional Tools to Get You Started With Cleansing Crystals With Incense

If you are planning to cleanse your crystals using incense then you should be sure you have all the tools you’ll need. Cleansing with incense is a fairly simple practice. The tools you’ll want to have on hand are an abalone shell or incense burner and a feather. These represent wind, fire, earth, and water.

The items we recommend are:

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