5 Best Crystal Grid Boards, Ranked

Crystal grids can seem complex and confusing to those new to using crystals in the home. Crystal grids are a beautiful way to manifest your intentions and create strong energy aligned with your current goals. Crystal grids can be complex or simple, depending upon your personal preferences.

Crystal grids place your stones in a pattern that directs the energy in an intentional way to wor toward a common purpose or intent. While there are plenty of ways to use crystal grids, there aren’t technically any wrong ways. We always want to encourage you to go with what feels right personally and adjust as your practice develops.

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1. Curawood Crystal Grid Board

Best for minimalists

This gorgeous Curawood Crystal Grid Board is the perfect display piece for your altar and is simple and minimalist! Whether you’re looking for a lightweight and travel-friendly option or a beautiful and unique gift, this piece is sure to please. Made with high-quality craftsmanship, it features a Metatron’s cube crystal grid in dazzling brown wood. Some say it’s smaller than they expected, but at least it’s super easy to pack away when not in use!


  • Lightweight
  • Giftable
  • Beautiful craftsmanship


  • Only one size option

The Curawood Crystal Grid Board is great for those who want a more minimal piece that is both natural and well-made.

2. T One Woods Crystal Grid Flower of Life

Best for beginners

The T One Woods Crystal Grid Flower of Life is a great grid for beginners. It’s lightweight and comes in multiple sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, it’s made with durable wood, so you can count on it to last.


  • Multiple styles and sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Low-quality wood
  • Poor value for cost

The T One Woods Crystal Grid Flower of Life is a well-priced option for beginners to crystal grids. While it might not suit those who are more experienced with crystal grids due to its lower wood quality, it’s the perfect starter grid.

3. UFEEL 7Pcs Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone Kit with Healing Crystal Grid

Best with crystals

This UFEEL kit comes with seven beautiful rose quartz gemstones and a grid for amplifying their healing properties. Quality construction means that your crystals will last long and provide you with many hours of healing energy. However, some customers have reported broken crystals in shipment, so please be aware of this before purchasing.


  • Genuine, quality stones


  • Some problems with broken crystals during shipment

The UFEEL kit is a good option for those who want both a grid and crystals to get started immediately.

4. Qallicon 20Pcs Real Healing Crystals for Beginners Set

Best with Chakra stones

The Qallicon 20Pcs Real Healing Crystals for Beginners Set is a large step into the world of Chakras for the beginner. This set addresses two birds with one crystal, coming with both chakra stones and a crystal grid. The set comes with additional items like a lava bracelet, an incense holder with sticks, and a guidebook.


  • Large set
  • Comes with crystals
  • Comes with guidebook


  • Rocks may break during shipment
  • Problem with missing products

It is noted that this particular set generally comes with sage incense and the stones are 100% authentic. This set may be a bit overwhelming to beginners but it great as a second or third set as you continue to learn more about crystals, grids, and balancing your Chakras. However, it is noted that the quality of all the products (minus the stones) was questionable.

5. Gemstone Well Crystal Grid Set

Best gift set

Looking to get into the world of crystal grids? This Gemstone Well Crystal Grid Set is a great place to start! It comes with all the crystals you need, as well as a cloth grid. Plus, it makes for a beautiful addition to any room in your home.


  • Giftable
  • Various options
  • Comes with crystals
  • Good for beginners


  • Cloth crystal grid (not a wooden board)

The Gemstone Well Crystal Grid Set is a good option for gifting to friends and family. It also works well as a starter into the world of crystal grids.


What are the types of crystal grid patterns?

There are a vast array of crystal grid patterns you can follow or you can make your own! Popular crystal grid patterns include a crystal grid for protection that has no closed boundaries, the sacred hexagram that appears as a six-pointed star with rounded tips, or a Metatron crystal grid.

How do you use a crystal grid?

You can set your crystal grid up first by selecting a grid shape and selecting your stones. Grid shape and stones do carry meaning and you should take time to research and determine which will help you best target your intention. From there, set up your crystal grid using the pattern you’ve chosen and set your intention. You can then, finally, activate your grid by verbally speaking your intention out loud.

Should you cleanse a crystal grid?

You should cleanse your crystal grid once it has been in use for more than a month, if it is moved from one another to another, or if you feel that it is not working as it should. Cleansing your crystal grid helps to remove negative energies and avoid clogs. This won’t remove the intentions you’ve placed within your crystals.

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