Are Oracle Cards Safe? Oracle Card Manifestation Safety

Like anything manifestation and divination-wise, you might be asking, are oracle cards safe? The answer is generally yes, oracle cards are safe to use. The key to oracle card safety is similar to any other divination card system such as tarot or Lenormand cards. You should understand that these cards are meant to help give you guidance and a sense of what’s going on in your life, without completely dictating your life.

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What Are Oracle Cards Used for?

Oracle cards are typically used to help give guidance over situations or questions related to your life. It’s best to ask your oracle card questions that are relatively open-ended rather than yes or no questions. Giving concrete answers to these questions may lead you down the wrong path the fates have set up for you.

When Should You Use Oracle Cards?

People will often turn to divination tools in times of crossroads where there are major life decisions. Other times, people will use oracle cards when they simply need to clear their heads before the day starts. This applies vice-versa as well when people need help making sense of their day.

What Types of Oracle Card Decks Are Out There?

Unlike tarot or Lenormand cards, oracle cards will vary in the number of cards in the deck. Oracle cards can range from replacements for tarot cards to add-ons to a tarot spread. What the oracle deck author decides to do is relatively open to their imagination.

Here are a few oracle cards decks that we recommend to beginners:

The Starseed Oracle

The Starseed Oracle is an excellent beginner deck if you find yourself to be one to fall victim to wanderlust for other worlds and realities. It is specifically designed for those who identify as Old Souls or Starseeds. However, I think you can get benefits from this deck even if you don’t perfectly align with that mindset.

Work Your Light Oracle Cards

Work Your Light Oracle Cards is my number one recommendation for those who are new to oracle cards and prefer feminine products. This does have slight Christian influence with some of the cards and could be a good deck for those who have a background in that religion.

The Spirit Animal Oracle

The Spirit Animal Oracle is a beautiful deck that is widely beloved. It is by Colette Baron Reid who is a major player in the oracle deck world. This deck is excellent for those who feel particularly connected to animals and nature.

What Are Common Oracle Card Spreads?

When you’re ready to perform an oracle card spread, there are a number of different spread you can try out. You can try out some of our own recommended spreads below:

  • Daily Oracle Card Spread – 3-Card Spread
  • Get To Know Your Oracle Card Spread – 5-Card Spread
  • Reflecting on a Breakup Oracle Card Spread – 3-Card Spread
  • The Writers Oracle Card Spread – 3-Card Spread
  • Reflection on a Relationship Oracle Card Spread – 3-Card Spread
  • Monthly Check-In Oracle Card Spread – 5-Card Spread

Between these six oracle card spreads, you should be able to receive guidance and answers to the majority of questions asked. These are not the only spreads, however. We recommend checking social media sites such as Pinterest or Instagram to learn how others use their oracle cards. There are other traditional spreads like a three card spread of the past/present/future and the Celtic Cross.

Are Oracle Cards Safe?

With everything considered, oracle cards are safe for most users. Like any form of divination, you should never completely rely on the guidance of oracle cards for every aspect of your life. Becoming reliant on oracle cards to answer every question life throws at you may hinder your comprehension of what the universe is trying to tell you.


How many cards are in an oracle card deck?

The majority of oracle decks will have around 52 cards in them. Because an oracle deck is open to interpretation of the author, the actual number of cards in a deck can range from 10 to 100.

Is oracle cards or tarot cards better?

Neither oracle cards nor tarot cards are better than the other. Each divination deck type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Oracle cards tend to have more open interpretations, while tarot cards are more set in what their cards mean.

Can you use oracle cards and tarot cards together?

Yes, you can use oracle cards and tarot cards together. Oracle cards will often act as a complement to tarot cards, offering further answers to specific questions when used in a spread together.

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