How Much Do Oracle Cards Cost? (2023)

The average oracle card deck costs around $37. Depending on where you shop and how detailed the oracle deck is, you’ll likely pay anywhere from $20 to $90 for an oracle deck.

Oracle cards are an excellent introduction to the metaphysical. Because there are so many options, there is a deck for everyone no matter your preference. The varying costs of decks also allow people with various budgets to dip their toes into this world without jeopardizing their budget.

In this article, we examine the cost of the top-selling decks across multiple online retailers.

How Much Do Oracle Decks Cost Online?

We took a look at each of the major online retailers where oracle cards can be found. From there we took a look at the first two pages of their pages dedicated to oracle cards. We found the average cost between the cheapest and most expensive options. Take a look!


Amazon is likely the most accessible of the retailers for purchasing oracle decks. They have such a wide variety you could flip through pages for days.

The average cost of an oracle deck on Amazon as of June 2022 is $33.

The least expensive, top-ranking deck was The Hip-Hop Queens Oracle Deck by Kathy Iandoli

The most expensive, top-ranking deck was Moon Witch Oracle by Cosmic Valeria.


Etsy is the perfect place to go for indie oracle decks that are gorgeous and more unique than more broadly produced alternatives.

The average cost of an oracle deck on Etsy as of June 2022 is $60.

The least expensive, top-ranking deck was Into the Mystick Pocket Oracle Deck by HouseofDatura.

The most expensive, top-ranking deck was the boxed deck collection of Flora Healing, Faunca, Inspiration, and Fantastic Being by AvecLaVieCreations.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble has a quickly expanding selection of oracle decks and other metaphysical products and books. At least our local one does. Check yours out to see if you can browse in person or view their online selection and have it delivered to your door. (Easy as that!)

The average cost of an oracle deck on Barnes and Noble as of June 2022 is $29

The least expensive, top-ranking deck was The Illustrated Crystallary Oracle Cards by Maia Toll.

The most expensive, top-ranking deck was Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and Guidebook by Alberto Villoldo.


Love or hate Walmart, they do have a decent selection of oracle decks to pick from online. However, I can’t say I’ve seen them in-store.

The average cost of an oracle deck on Walmart as of June 2022 is $24

The least expensive, top-ranking deck was Moonology Oracle by Miuline.

The most expensive, top-ranking deck was Sacred Geometry of Relationships Oracle by Lon.

Shopping Local

You don’t always need to turn to major retailers for your oracle decks. In fact, I often find my at my local metaphysical shops. I personally prefer to shop for new decks this way so I can hold them in my hands before purchasing. However, we aren’t all lucky enough to have a metaphysical shop close by.

You can also find oracle decks from small independent sellers like Little Red Tarot and Rite of Ritual who may or may not have their decks available from other retailers. These types of shops are available to browse and order from online. Plus, you’ll be supporting a small business. Just keep in mind it may end up being more expensive to go this route because it’s a small business.

How Much Do Oracle Cards Cost to Make Yourself?

Creating your own oracle card deck can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. From free (+ printing costs on a home printer) to outsourcing design and high production value decks, the sky is the limit when creating your own deck. You can learn more in our guide to creating your own oracle card deck. Alternatively, check out this book by Steven Bright: The Oracle Creator: The Modern Guide to Creating an Oracle or Tarot Deck.

FAQs About Oracle Cards

Where can you buy oracle cards?

Oracle cards are becoming more widely available as the metaphysical becomes more widely accepted in the everyday. You can easily find these in your local Barnes & Noble or you can order online from Amazon. Metaphysical shops both local and online will of course have an oracle selection to pick from.

What are the most popular types of oracle cards?

There are no specific types of oracle cards as they use their own systems and can have many themes, unlike tarot which sticks to the same general concept. This means you’ll be able to find an oracle deck from the wide variety that best suits your individual desires.

Are tarot cards more expensive than oracle cards?

The cost comparison of tarot cards to oracle cards all comes down to the deck itself. A more elaborate deck of either type will cost more than a simple mass-produced one.

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