How Often Should You Read Your Tarot Cards

A common question from enthusiastic beginners to the world of tarot is: how much is too much? The answer lies in what you are consulting the cards about and any significant changes that have occurred since your last reading.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to only consult your cards about one focused question once a month or so. If you continuously come to your cards, day after day, to ask about the same question, you aren’t going to get much from the reading. You’re also not taking anything away from the reading. You should focus on the initial reading and come back to that question with your tarot after a month has passed, after a significant change has been made, or after a significant event has occurred.

Will Your Readings Be Off If You Read Your Cards Too Often?

If you’re asking the same question over and over and over, back to back to back, chances are your readings will be off. This is because you’re asking the cards without applying any of the previous advice it dealt you. Don’t pester your cards over the same question—you won’t get anywhere.

Wait a Month Before Consulting the Cards On The Same Topic

If you’ve consulted the cards on a specific and large issue, avoid approaching the cards with that same query for at least a month. This gives you time to make changes, reflect on the previous reading, and experience significant changes related to the topic. When you next turn to the cards for guidance you will get better, clearer results than if you had bombarded them weekly over that month-long stretch.

Wait For Significant Changes Before Consulting the Cards On The Same Topic

While one month to a handful of weeks is a good timeframe for consulting the cards on the same topic, there are reasons you may want to consult them sooner. If a major event or significant change occurs related to that same query, you may want to consult the cards sooner than the one month to several weeks mark.

Are Daily Draws Okay?

Daily draws are an excellent way to become more in tune with your deck while also learning more about the tarot itself. Don’t push all readings to one a month. I usually turn to my tarot once a day or every few days to get a read on my day or week. To do daily draws, I focus on asking my tarot what I should know about the day, how I should focus my energy, or how I can best place my creative endeavors. Generally, this is opening myself to a feeling or a vibe rather than asking hard-hitting inquiries like, ‘How can I approach my career change?’

Try a Daily One-Card Draw As You Learn

My recommendation, and how I learned, was by practicing daily one-card draws. I would then track and journal about the pull. This helps you to learn little by little about the major and minor arcana. It also helps you get more acquainted with your deck and it helps with results in more intuitive, insightful readings.

Practice one-card draws for a month paired with keeping a tarot journal. You’ll be surprised how much more in-depth your readings become and how much more confident you’ll feel with the cards.

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