8 Useful Singing Bowl Benefits Beyond Just Sounding Nice

Singing bowls, whether they be crystal or Tibetan, produce a pleasant sound that can resonate with our souls. That’s why singing bowl benefits can range from simply relaxing us to even possibly playing a part in our overall health. Between stimulating brain waves or simply playing a lovely sound, it’s still a worthwhile experience that’s likely to send chills down your spine.

Here are eight surprisingly useful benefits of using a singing bowl.

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1. Singing Bowls Are Relaxing

Regardless of the science behind singing bowls, the largest benefit to using one is the fact that they play quite a relaxing sound when in use. Though the sound they play does depend greatly on the size of the bowl as well as the material. It’s the exact reason why those playlists on YouTube or in a spa playlist while you’re getting a massage have singing bowls included in them.

That’s not to say all sound bowls will sound exactly as relaxing as we’re saying. Lower-quality ones may produce more of a clang and feel more like a sharp pain. If you smack the bowl too hard, you’re also likely to produce the same ear spasm.

2. May Stimulate Beneficial Brain Waves

While the brain still remains a mystery and how it impacts our mood, thought process, and actions, there’s still some research that shows promising results with the alpha and theta brain waves when it comes to relaxation and healing. Specifically done by helping decrease your breathing and heart rate.

Notably, the study linked found the largest decrease in tension and potential benefits to those aged between 20 and 39. On a positive note, both Tibetan and crystal singing bowls were used, so take your pick when trying it out.

3. Using a Singing Bowl May Promote Better Sleep

Since singing bowls are a great way to lower your heart rate and help you relax, it perfectly coincides with sleeping better. Of course, this is if it’s done within a reasonable time frame before bed. You’re also probably realizing at this point just how important it is to relax every day.

Diving in for a sound bath with singing bowls 30 minutes to an hour before bed may lead to a better night’s sleep. Depending on the person, this may even help induce dreams. Though just be sure not to wake everyone else up in the house.

4. It May Lower Blood Pressure

You may be tired of how much relaxing helps, but we can’t help but also mention how the calming nature of singing bowls may be able to lower blood pressure. This mainly comes from the fact that people tend to ease the tension in their muscles when listening to calming music.

Not constantly having your muscles tense and constricted may help lower blood pressure. This is generally good for your overall health. But regardless of how much sound healing you indulge in, singing bowls won’t lower blood pressure correlated to an inactive lifestyle, poor eating habits, or health-related issues.

5. They Tend to Enhance Meditation

In the same study done with the brainwaves, they mention how they also had the participants meditate. This combination of sound healing from the singing bowls along with the meditation may have played a larger effect on their overall health.

Meditation is often done to ease the burden of the mind. If you think of your brain as a muscle, then it’s constantly in the gym training and it’s often hard to give it a break, even when we’re sleeping.

It can be a little hard to meditate for quite a bit of people, as it’s easy to start thinking about something again. Using the calming sounds of the singing bowls, you may be able to relax and not think more effectively. You can even pair certain incense for meditation to further enhance the effects.

6. Singing Bowls May Help With Symptoms of Depression

In that same study, there was also talk about how singing bowls may help reduce symptoms of depression. Now, symptoms is a relatively broad term that can range anywhere from a lack of concentration to simply going from happy to sad to angry, all within a few minutes. And we’re talking symptoms here, not causes of depression.

Singing bowls should absolutely not be used as a treatment for depression, but may certainly play an impact on those looking for help on their recovery journey. If you or a loved one is dealing with depression, we highly recommend reaching out to qualified professionals first. We just hope to bring a little happiness and clarity with our metaphysical and divination content.

7. Cleansing Negative Energies

Negative energies can quickly fill us with a heavy burden and make us feel as if we can’t take another step. Like the use of incense, smudging, or crystals, you can cleanse negative energies with the help of a sound bowl. In fact, you can often pair sound bowls with any of the given above to make for a stronger, negative aura cleansing effect.

This is one of those instances where utilizing crystal singing bowls over Tibetan singing bowls may come in handy. As quartz crystals are excellent for trapping negative energy and then you can cleanse the crystal to eliminate them.

8. Help Balance the Body’s Energy

The energy within us isn’t always a balanced combination of positive and negative energy. There is too much of a good thing and it may not always be evident when we’ve been exposed to negative energies. Sometimes we may even need to harness those negative energies to grow stronger and push ourselves further.

Rather than only cleansing negative energies, sound bowls can be used to simply balance the energies within the body. This brings us back to our center and can help us make sound judgments. Think similar to preventing you from making a rash call if you’re thinking too optimistically or negatively about a decision.


How long should I play my singing bowl?

You should play your singing bowl for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. For beginners, it’s best to start in the 5-minute range while those who are accustomed to sound baths from spas and sound healers may go upwards of 15 minutes.

What should you not do with a singing bowl?

Always use the included mallet or replacement rubber mallet when striking any type of singing bowl. Using improper equipment can not only not produce the desired sound, but also damage the singing bowl entirely.

Try to avoid as much finger-to-surface contact as possible as well. As the oils on our fingers can eventually cause some issues with the vibration frequencies the sound bowls play at.

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