What Does Incense Do Spiritually?

Burning incense is a practice that has been around for centuries. The main goal of incense is to offer assistance when it comes to spiritual practices. Whether you’re trying to meditate or simply looking to cleanse the house, there is an incense scent that will complement the task.

Here is everything you need to know about “what does incense do spiritually”?

Burning Incense Helps Cleanse Negative Energies

As we go about our everyday lives, we tend to pick up on other people’s negative energies. Whether it’s a co-worker who seems to always be in a bad mood or someone honking their horn unnecessarily.

When you get home, it might be time to light some incense to cleanse those negative energies. Cleansing means the negative energies are leaving you and the house, making your space a neutral place for you to instill positive energy.

Burning Incense Helps Protect Against Negative Energies

Protection against negative spirits and energies is different from cleansing. You might not have any negative energies at the moment, but if you find those aspects starting to happen in the world around you, you might want extra protection.

You also burn protective incense before you go and do stressful tasks. The incense provides an extra layer of protection to keep your resolve strong during these stressful times.

Burning Incense Helps With Meditation

Burning incense to help with meditation is quite common. The goal is to bring yourself into a deeper part of the spiritual world where your thoughts no longer plague you.

Burning incense for meditation may encompass different aspects. For someone, they might want incense that burns with the purpose of helping concentration, while others may want to ward off negative vibes.

Burning Incense Helps Strengthen Your Spiritual Connections

People tend to burn incense as a way to strengthen their spiritual connection. This differs from person to person, as someone may want to strengthen their connection for a Wiccan spell, while others will want to focus on connecting with their spiritual ancestors in the afterlife.

With your spiritual connection strengthened from burning incense, you’ll find yourself having an easier time receiving the answers you’re looking for. You might find certain aspirations and questions come easier to you when you use a tarot or oracle deck.

What Does Incense Do Spiritually? Protects, Cleanses, and Strengthens

What incense does spiritually is help protect, cleanse, and strengthen your resolve. It gives you the positive energy you need to get through life while helping protect against the negative energy. You’ll find your spiritual connection is stronger than ever, but just be sure not to breathe too much of the smoke in.

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