Where To Place Incense in a Room

As with anything you light on fire, incense sticks should be handled with caution. The best place to put incense in a room is where there is ventilation and where the most even distribution of smoke can be achieved. This may be near a window or at the center of a room. You’ll also want to pay close attention to incense burning safety to avoid any mishaps.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when determining where to place incense in a room.

Place Incense in the Center of the Room

Burning incense in the center of the room is recommended for cleansing purposes. This allows for more even distribution. You’ll want to do this for each room of your home that you plan to cleanse.

Place Incense Near a Window

Placing your incense near a window allows for proper ventilation. We’ve also found that it can help those with sensitive noses. If we burn in the center of the room the scent alone can often leave us with a headache, unfortunately. So for us, burning near a window is the best option.

You should always be careful of any drapes or other flammable objects near the window. You don’t want a light breeze to blow a flammable object against your lit incense.

How To Determine the Best Placement

Determining the best placement of your incense before you light it is the best way to get the most from your burn. You can do a few things to determine proper placement:

Start at the Room’s Center

Place the incense at the center of the room, to begin with. This will give you the most even smoke and scent distribution throughout the room and is technically the best way to cleanse a space.

Watch the SmokeBest Time To Burn Incense

People often burn incense to encourage a specific mood in the home or to cleanse the space. Other situations where you might want to burn incense is during meditation, prayer, and self-care sessions. But, no matter the reason, you’ll still want to keep more safety-oriented considerations in mind before you light your incense.

Make sure you have enough time. Incense will take an average of 30 minutes to an hour to completely burn down. Be sure you’ll be home and awake during that entire duration.

The Don’ts of Burning Incense Sticks

Keep the following don’ts in mind when planning to burn incense sticks. You don’t want to have a mishap!

  • Never leave unattended
  • Never keep near pets or children
  • Never throw out before fully extinguishing

Always Pick a Spot Based on Safety

When deciding where to place incense in a room, you should focus on safety first and effectiveness second. It may be easiest to keep your incense burning near a window, even if it doesn’t distribute evenly throughout the home. This allows for the best ventilation for your safety, your pets’ safety, and the home’s wellbeing.

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