5 Crystals for Money

Certain crystals and stones can be attributed to different parts of life. Some are good for love, some are good for positivity, and some are great for the money. Finding the right crystals is an important part of allowing for not only monetary wealth but spiritual as well.

But not any crystal or stone will do the trick, you have to be strategic. Specific stones will play into being debt-free, increase wealth, or lead to better income.

Here are the top 5 most common crystals for money that you should have on hand at all times.

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1. Pyrite

Pyrite, otherwise known as fools gold, can do more than just trick people into thinking that you have gold on your hands. It often boasts a very shiny glow that can bring exciting energy into the room and create optimism.

This optimism can then lead to accomplishments that can bring in wealth. This makes pyrite a perfect piece to add to a business, office space, or even be kept on hand for those that travel for work.

2. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the basic of basic crystals. This is the go-to fashion piece that you know will blow people away. That is because clear quartz can help amplify the energy that comes off of pyrite.

Clear quartz is also perfect for encouraging clear thoughts. Anytime we have clear thoughts, we typically can see where life wants to take us, and this can lead to an abundance of wealth.

Sometimes though, clear quartz can also lead us to “enough” wealth. Something we are content with and helps us get by in life. This does not mean you’ll be on the next Forbes list, but you’ll be living comfortably and without stress.

3. Emerald

Emeralds have been widely used for centuries as a symbol of wealth. Whether they are used by royalty or in ancient rituals, emeralds are always a safe bet when it comes to having it as a money crystal.

It is thought that emeralds can help cut through spells and charms that would lead us astray from our true callings. This can be translated into poor money management or scams that would lead us to be worse off than before.

4. Tigers Eye

The Tigers Eye takes wealth from a different approach. It focuses on the luck portion that can come into play when it comes to attracting wealth. This means you can suddenly have an increase in customers for your business or possibly find an extra coin on the ground.

Tigers Eye is also about putting in the effort. Hard work and determination are rewarded under the “all-seeing-all-knowing eye”. So don’t go slacking off and hoping it does all the work for you.

5. Green Jade

Green jade is considered the beginning crystal of wealth. This stone can often help inspire creativity and bring about fresh ideas. These ideas can then flourish into prosperous items.

The green jade is perfect for those that are stuck in a rut when it comes to creativity or business. Creative burnout is real and can lead to a drastic decrease in productivity and motivation. Consider adding this wealth stone to help alleviate those feelings.

Crystals for Money: Keep All of Them on Hand for Best Results

Picking the right crystals for money is important, but just sticking to one is not recommended. They all work together to create a perfect balance. Tigers Eye brings in hard work and luck, Green Jade provides creativity, and Pyrite can top it off with optimism.

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