6 Gorgeous Nature Oracle Cards to Buy in 2023

There’s something calming about the artwork and meanings behind nature oracle cards. If you’re looking for a new deck inspired by the great outdoors, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. From the abstract to the (rather) literal and everything in between, we think you’ll fall in love with these gorgeous picks as much as we did.

Whether it includes images of woodland creatures or botanical drawings, nature oracle cards can help those who want to feel connected with nature feel a bit closer to the world around them.

We took into consideration the meanings and the artwork when selecting these nature-inspired oracle cards, as well as other readers’ experiences with them. Using the guide we’ve included you can narrow down your hunt for the right deck to add to your collection.

Check out these 6 stunning nature oracle card decks.

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1. Glowwood by Lisa Biletska

Glowwood oracle deck

Glowwood is a breathtaking look at the intricately interwoven relationships of the nature around us. The illustrations lean on a fieldnote-style design that evokes feelings of realism rather than mysticism. While this deck may overwhelm the beginner, it is a perfect deck to grow into as you work with it over time and learn how to use its various features to their fullest extent. This deck is sold as a box set and includes a 78-card deck, deck bag, and hefty 276-page companion book.

PROS: The system created is intricately and cleverly interwoven and is a direct reflection of the nature around us. This creates a more tangible experience when using it for reflection. Thanks to the design of the deck, it can be used for less complex readings or for intensive, reflective sessions.

CONS: This deck may feel a tad formidable at first as you learn the system, especially if you are new to oracle decks.

2. Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

The Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards are vibrant, brilliant, and healing. The artwork pulls on abstract and humanized versions of the nature around us. The artwork is whimsical and simply breathtaking. This deck is complete with 50 cards and a 72-page guidebook.

PROS: The artwork is simply breathtaking. Each card has been beautifully illustrated and brings to life a whimsical, inspired view of Mother Nature at her best.

CONS: The cards are a bit large and can be hard to shuffle for some. This deck’s guidebook offers little actual guidance which may make it difficult for some to pull tangible meaning from their readings.

You can find it on: Barnes & Noble | Amazon

3. Sawyer’s Nature Portals Oracle Deck by Jamie Sawyer and Gail Sawyer

This circular oracle deck is a unique 52-card deck featuring a range of creatures from mammals to amphibians. The imagery is calming and beautifully designed making it a deck I wouldn’t mind curling up in bed to do readings from. It puts you a step closer to the creatures of our world at a time when many of us get swept up and away with the hustle and bustle.

PROS: This animal oracle card deck heavily features a variety of creatures from our world making it ideal for animal lovers. Its unique shape offers a breath of fresh air from traditional deck styles.

CONS: This deck may not be for heavy-handed shufflers. The creator suggests you try fanning the cards out rather than the traditional shuffling which may hurt this more delicate deck.

You can find it on: Etsy

4. Flora Healing Restorative Cards by Rebecca Lefebvre and Phoebe Hunt

This soothing 57-card deck is made up of ethereal watercolor-inspired floral cards. This can be read entirely intuitively as the deck backs hold the meaning and name of the flowers, including additional context for deeper readings. The extra plant information included on each card adds a little something special by providing you with not only a reflective experience, but also an educational one.

PROS: This deck is ideal for plant lovers and has the additional benefit of providing background information on each plant featured.

CONS: This deck does not appear to come with a guidebook.

You can find it on: Etsy

5. Earth Wisdom Oracle by Cristina Scagliotti and Barbara Moore

This deck pulls on deeply symbolic imagery. It uses darker colors, deep greens, and other earth tones to tell a visual story. Oracle users have found this deck to have plenty of meaning within the cards. It is based on Celtic tradition and is best for those who connect with Celtic magic. It pulls heavily on herbs and crystals and the meaning we can find within them.

PROS: Beautiful imagery and deep symbolic meanings.

CONS: The gloss finish on these is not top-tier quality on all decks.

You can find it on: Amazon

6. Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer

The Earth Magic Oracle Cards is a 48-card oracle deck that comes with a guidebook for deeper readings. It focuses on the elements of the Earth. The illustrations on this deck are absolutely gorgeous and is deeply ingrained in the nature of the world around us. Each card has a phrase and keyword alongside the image to help with intuitive readings.

PROS: This deck uses key phrases and has a guidebook to help with readings.

CONS: The cards aren’t numbered and aren’t easy to find in the guidebook.

You can find it on: Amazon

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