Careers With Tarot and Oracle Cards

Some are fine to take out their tarot or oracle deck and do a reading for themselves or friends casually. For others, the passion for tarot and oracle cards is all-consuming. If you find yourself wishing you could immerse yourself into the world and tarot and oracle cards for a living there’s good news (and bad). While you can pursue careers with tarot and oracle cards, it doesn’t have as clear cut of a path as, say, becoming a lawyer or doctor.

Here’s what you should know about the different career paths you can build surrounding tarot and oracle cards.

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Run a Metaphysical Shop (Business Owner)

Running a metaphysical shop, whether it be a storefront or eCommerce business, is an excellent way to spread your love for tarot and oracle cards. You can impart your knowledge on those who are experienced and newbies alike.

The largest hurdle when considering running your own metaphysical shop is the upfront cost to get started. Carrying your own stock can be pricy (to the tune of thousands of dollars) and even pricier to have a physical storefront. But nothing is impossible so if becoming a metaphysical shop owner is what your heart desires, you can 100% do it.

Metaphysical Shop Owner Pay

Metaphysical or new age store owners’ income will vary wildly depending upon the area, if it’s in-person or online, how established you are as a business, and more. I don’t want to put a single number of what your income may be if you were to own your own shop.

Keep in mind, that you’ll likely have to invest a couple of thousand to get a metaphysical shop running and you’ll want to be extra careful of tax and legal implications (as with any business).

However, if you want to become a metaphysical shop owner or clerk then you are looking at roughly $50,000 or $15 per hour respectively.

Where Do Metaphysical Shop Owners Work?

Metaphysical shop owners work from their physical storefront or from home if they own an eCommerce shop they run out of their house.

How to Become a Metaphysical Shop Owner

Becoming a metaphysical shop owner requires an upfront investment and knowledge of running a business. It would be wise to work for a metaphysical, new age, or crystal shop before you try to start your own. Alternatively, you can work for other storefront or eCommerce businesses to learn how to handle the day-to-day.

Create Tarot and Oracle Decks (Deck Author and Illustrator)

If you’re artistically inclined, creating your own tarot and oracle decks could be a good path. Deck authors and illustrators create the decks we all use and love (obviously). It can be a fulfilling career path for creatives but will often need to be supplemented by other income, at least in the early stages.

Deck Author and Illustrator Pay

Tarot deck authors’ and illustrators’ pay will vary wildly depending upon their own unique situations. If you sell your deck to a publishing house then you will likely get an advance and royalties. If you’re having your own deck produced and selling it from your site, Etsy shop, or getting it placed in stores, you’ll also find that your income will vary.

If you are an illustrator, you may be contracted by the author of the deck to create the designs. As an illustrator, you don’t have to just work on tarot and oracle decks all the time. This opens you up to higher income possibilities.

Authors and illustrators might make anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000 per year. This number could be much, much lower, or much, much higher.

Where Do Tarot Deck Authors and Illustrators Work?

Oracle and tarot deck illustrators work out of their own homes (or coffee shops if they get sick of their own four walls). One of the greatest things about becoming an author or illustrator is that you often don’t have to commute to an office. However, you will be working for yourself and will have all the stress that comes with that.

How to Become a Deck Author and Illustrator

To become a deck author and illustrator you’ll first need to have a solid understanding of tarot and oracle cards. You can start by creating your own tarot cards to try your hand at making the first draft of your dream deck. You can do that with a fun kit like the Create Your Own Tarot Deck by Alice Ekrek and the Create Your Own Tarot Cards by Adrianne Hawthorne kits.

You’ll want to develop your illustration skills first and foremost, whether you’re naturally inclined or not. If you’re looking for guided help with developing your drawing abilities then Skillshare, CreativeLive, and Udemy are the best options.

Write About the Metaphysical (Writer or Author)

Metaphysical writers and authors create content and books surrounding the metaphysical. If you want to focus your energy on tarot and oracle cards then those are the topics you would build up a portfolio and expertise in. Metaphysical writers often work for publications on a contract or freelance basis.

Metaphysical Writer Pay

Metaphysical writers can earn anywhere from $35,000 to $70,000 per year depending upon the type of work you do.

As a writer, while you may want to focus on tarot and oracle, you’ll likely need to begin by writing just about anything and everything until you’ll build your skillset and portfolio to where you can be pickier. This might mean doing marketing copy for psychics until you can just write deck reviews. You may even decide to work in home services or healthcare writing while you’re just getting started as these topics are much easier to find consistent work around.

Where Do Metaphysical Writers Work?

Metaphysical writers may work for a publication or could freelance. Often both of these situations result in metaphysical writers working from a home office. However, in some rarer circumstances, a metaphysical writer may commute to work in-office at a publication.

How to Become a Metaphysical Writer

Metaphysical writers should start by developing their writing abilities and building a writing career. You most likely won’t bolt out of the start guide immediately writing about tarot and oracle decks. Begin by finding writing gigs in the marketing space and writing spec articles that you can pitch to publications. Over time you will build a large enough portfolio and develop a skill set that can help you get your writing into major publications.

Become a Professional Tarot Reader (Psychic)

Perhaps the most obvious way to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of tarot and oracle cards on the daily is by becoming a professional tarot reader. Professional tarot readers can help inspire others and instill hope in them through readings while also imparting their love for tarot on new individuals who may be new to the world of tarot.

Professional Tarot Reader Pay

Professional tarot readers make between $50 and $60 per hour on average but may make as much as $200 per hour. When you’re getting started, however, you may earn as little as $5 a reading.

This comes out to anywhere from $14,000 per year to well over $100,000 per year.

Your income as a professional tarot reader can be improved by expanding your skill set to offer other psychic offerings. These might include Reiki sessions, seances, or other forms of divination work like tea readings or palm readings. You can formulate your services around what you feel most attached to and be equipped to offer your clientele.

Where Do Professional Tarot Readers Work?

Professional tarot readers work in a variety of locations. You can offer traveling services where you drive to your clients to give readings or you can take up residence in an office building or your own home.

Nowadays, tarot readers can provide their services online via Skype, email, or other digital methods. This allows you to open up to offer your services to anyone with access to the internet.

How to Become a Professional Tarot Reader

There is no one path to becoming a professional tarot reader, however, there are some steps you can take to get started no matter where you’re at in your tarot and oracle journey.

Learn About Tarot and Oracle Reading

Every tarot and oracle reading journey starts with learning about the cards and how to read them. Even if you are already familiar with tarot and oracle readings, you’ll want to take that knowledge to an expert level before you begin offering services.

We recommend purchasing a deck of oracle and tarot cards before diving into books.

Our favorite tarot deck to recommend to those learning is the traditional Rider Tarot Deck which other tarot decks will be based upon. If you learn this imagery and meanings on the traditional deck, you’ll see the parallels when you move on to other decks. The deck I got my start with is the Everyday Witch Tarot which I found to be very friendly to beginners.

With your first decks ordered, you’ll want to track down as much information as possible. Now, a lot of information is available on the internet for free. However, when it comes to learning spreads and learning the card meanings, books are the way to go.

I recommend getting started with the following:

Get Certified as a Professional Tarot Reader

If you want to add to your credibility beyond testimonials, getting certified as a professional tarot or oracle reader will help a newer psychic get on their feet. Certification isn’t required to become a tarot reader but it can be useful both to improve your knowledge and improve your credibility.

Certifications you can consider include:

Begin Offering Online Readings

You can offer online readings via social media or an online platform. These will likely start out as low cost and you can work your way up to higher-paying readings as you gain more experience and a better reputation.

Offer In-Person Tarot or Oracle Readings

If you decide you want to move to in-person offerings, you’ll be looking at answering a ton of logistical questions. From where you’ll be offering in-person readings to if you’ll offer travel readings for a markup.

Obviously, there’s a lot more nuance and behind-the-scenes work that goes into becoming a professional tarot reader. However, this skeleton outline will help you identify where you’re at in your journey and give you a bit of guidance on the next step to take.

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